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ISP TalkTalk Cuts 63Mbps FTTC Superfast Home Broadband to £25

Friday, August 31st, 2018 (8:08 am) - Score 10,265

Low cost UK ISP TalkTalk has today further discounted the special offer prices of their residential focused broadband and phone bundles. One of the biggest reductions is on their 63Mbps FTTC based “Faster Fibre Large” package, which has fallen from £28.50 a month to just £25 for 18 months of service.

The new prices will only be available to order until 27th September 2018 and subscribers can also expect to receive unlimited data usage, included phone line rental (standard call charges), a wireless router, free setup and various other features (e.g. network-level Parental Controls, nuisance call blocking and Internet Security).

TalkTalk further pledges to “guarantee no mid-contract price rises on all our broadband packages” and promises to offer those looking to re-contract the “same great deals as new customers“. On top of that they recently introduced a Great Connection Guarantee, which claims you can leave penalty free within the first 30 days if you’re “not fully satisfied“.

Fast Broadband (Average of 11Mbps down / 1Mbps up)
Price: £17 a month for 12 months

Faster Fibre (Average of 35Mbps down / 9Mbps up)
Price: £22.50 a month for 18 months

Faster Fibre Large (Average of 63Mbps down / 17Mbps up)
Price: £25 a month for 18 months

We should point out that customers can optionally also add a TV service or additional calling options (e.g. anytime UK calls) if so desired, albeit at extra cost.

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33 Responses
  1. baby_frogmella says:

    I’m still seeing £28.50 pm for their 80/20 0ffering:


    If it really is £25 pm then Topcashback are offering £100 cashback which works out at £19.45 pm over the 18 months. Very tempted to take this as a backup line to my 330/30 FTTPoD service…

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      Did you follow the TalkTalk links in the article itself? Often these are special offers that won’t show on the normal site. I just ran a check and it’s showing for me.

    2. baby_frogmella says:

      Ok now seeing £25 pm after I follow your very first link. Though their standard ADSL2+ service shows up as £18.95 pm, not as £17 pm as shown in the article:



    3. baby_frogmella says:

      I should also add their 80/20 service works out at £22.95 pm if you elect to order via topcashback @ £100 cashback but paying the full £28.50 pm. Of course cashback isn’t guaranteed so there’s that to consider as well.

    4. Mark Jackson says:

      Odd as if I run through the order system I see “£17 a month, fixed for 12 months” on the standard service, but TalkTalk’s website isn’t very well designed so their cookies might have become confused by the previous link(s) you followed.

    5. Joe says:

      You’re prob tied into a 18month+ for FTTPoD but imo you’d pay less to have a Biz FTTP ISP with the lower fault/repair times for the rare occasion the service fails. It certainly used to be the case that they are anyway pretty good for consumer use as they typically have low demand outside office hours when cumsumer ISps tend to bog down.

  2. Avaya says:

    On uSwitch it is £19.95 for 35Mbps and £22.45 for 63Mbps. These are very low prices compared to TalkTalk’s (and the entire market’s) FTTC pricing. Likely Openreach’s new, cheaper, FTTC pricing having its effect.

  3. Mrs Susan Duncan says:

    Can i get broadband for hu164dh

    1. Meadmodj says:

      @Susan. Broadband and telephone lines in the Hull area are supplied by Kingston Communications (Kcom) and it looks like you have ultrafast internet options but they appear now not to be offering any lower speed/cost options. Other ISPs have chosen not to utilise the Kcom network however Creyke Close is accepted on the TalkTalk site but errors when it looks up broadband availability so I assume this is an error on their part.

  4. Cdg says:

    What’s talktalk situation involving open reaches fttp, Is it something they have plans to offer any time soon?

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      At present they’re only doing G.fast in the Openreach “ultrafast” category, which is likely to be because they have their own plans for deploying FTTP but they’ve not actually given any solid details on that yet.

  5. Hate TalkTalk says:

    Instead of discounting prices all the time it would be better if they spent the extra money on bandwidth and providing customer service!

  6. Alan Brown says:

    Don’t bother with talk talk they will have you pulling your hair out or in hospital with stress , just left them after years of hell , use there mobile at your own risk , no cap on data charges was charged £40 for watching a football match after my limit run out , no warning or anything a fer meg didn’t even use 1 gig , a absolute joke of a company an the CEO,s just tell you f off when you ring them with a complaint.

    1. Geroi says:

      quite often the mobile network’s statistics and billing system won’t pick up the usage on time and won’t send notification to the user – next day, yes. Within the time frame of a football match ? no chance
      don’t moan on something you don’t understand

    2. Steve says:

      Geroi – what info do you have to support this? Using the BT mobile app, the network updates your data usage within approximately a minute. I.e. it is up to the minute accurate.

      Many mobile operators now offer a cap or for you to set a limit and if that didn’t update until the next day, given the nature of what data is used for in large gluts such as video, such a facility would be less than useless. I’m pretty sure that Vodafone’s network offers real-time data usage monitoring so there is no reason TalkTalk couldn’t use that as an MVNO. I would therefore say it is a legitimate grievance.

  7. Ronald brook says:

    Hi do you have to pay for the hub or is it included in the package

  8. ByTor says:

    The option to cancel in the first 30 days is useless! My service was great, for exactly 30 days. Then it turned to garbage. Nearly 7 months down the line, their incompetent customer services, complaints managers and technical support have not fixed it. FINALLY it’s with the CEO complaint process, but I’m not going to hold my breath. OFCOM next. They make grand promises and then FAIL miserably to deliver, then tell you “it’s within acceptable parameters”.


  9. Dagnis says:

    Even with all those discounts.. DLM is still there aka FAKE FIBRE.

  10. David mc Daid says:

    Do you do my area Bt513al

  11. Declan says:

    Still wouldn’t go with talk talk even at that price!

  12. Ken says:

    I’ve been a talk talk customer since they began. I left by as their customer service drove me mad after I had an issue. But I must say I’ve had lots of issues with talk talk, mobile problems, broad band speed, problems with what I’m told when signing up for a new contract an what actually happened (a few times) I’ve always persevered and stayed with them because of the cheap prices. But their customer service is appalling, I’m stating this through years of experience with them. When it’s working it’s fine, but if you have a problem…. You better take a deep breath and get ready for lots of frustration.

    1. Ken says:

      That should say I left BT. Above not by

  13. Andrew McBride says:

    I’ve cancelled talk talk, customer service is appalling. The speeds on a gteed 34 Mbps never gets past 25_7. I have costs for calls that have never been made. The service cuts off as and when it pleases. So I’m going back to BT, at least I had good services even if it was dearer.

  14. Danny says:

    Been with talktalk for over 10 years. Had a small problem when I changed to fibre. I spent 9 months trying to get it resolved. I understand customer service are limited in what they can do. But to be lied to and unbroken promises. I changed to bt 5 months now on fibre. Get better speeds and great customer support. You pay for what you get. I say

  15. onephat says:

    I’m wondering how many TalkTalk bashers on here have actually used them and how many are just jumping on the bang waggon and don’t actually know what there talking about. I joined them on their 80/20 service a few months ago after years of being with BT and others. Step one is to junk the router they send and replace it with something better. Their customer support has moved from India to South Africa and there is now no language barrier. Their support forums answer questions quickly and the staff there seem to resolve issues in a timely manner. Yes there have been data protection issues but that’s not exclusive to TalkTalk is it. If you’ve been with them and hated it well luckily you have options elsewhere.

  16. onephat says:

    You can argue you get what you pay for sometimes. There are also plenty of examples where paying more gets you the same. Is an M&S sandwich any better than an Aldi one?

  17. Richard says:

    Been with them for years and pay £20 a month for 76mb.
    No issues

  18. John says:

    Have been a customer since 1997 when I joined up with Nildram which successively got taken over by a number of companies ending up with talktalk today. I get 7Mbps on a standard phone line which is more than adequate for my purposes. Whenever I have needed to contact them I have always received a courteous response followed by appropriate actions at a fair price. I do agree that the supplied router is hobbled by them for consumer use but I use my own without problems.

  19. Henry says:

    FYI this is also valid for existing customers, just get in touch with TT support and get your contract re-signed for 18 months, I just saved 6 quid a month

  20. JP says:

    I upgraded to Talk Talk Fibre a few weeks ago and got a massive discount on their new wifi hub which is much better than the old one for speeds and coverage in our house (don’t seem to need the powerline adapters now!)

    The only downside I’ve fpund is that the admin pages seem to be a bit locked down so I can’t seem to map an ip to my NAS and set up wifi on/off times. Hopefully these features will come.

  21. Stoat says:

    Still no IPv6 though – 10 years after they started promising it would be rolled out within 18 months.

  22. Gordon Thomas says:

    They pumped up everything else [rice wise though. For example, UK calls package, connection cost and minimum phone charges!

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