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Three UK Goes LIVE with 5G and £35 Unlimited Home Broadband Plan

Monday, August 19th, 2019 (12:01 am) - Score 40,190

Three UK (Hutchison 3G UK) will today join EE and Vodafone by confirming that their new 5G ultrafast mobile broadband network has finally gone live, starting in busy parts of London with a £35 home broadband ISP alternative. The initial plan is to cover 25 towns and cities by the end of 2019 and deliver “at least 2x faster” speeds.

Crucially the operator, which predicts that 80% of their network traffic today will be covered by 5G within 3 years, will launch their 5G mobile service at no extra cost for subscribers on all their contract, SIM only and PAYG mobile plans. Likewise they will continue to offer “unlimited” data and dedicated mobile broadband plans, which is despite the new network costing more to run.

In keeping with that they’ve also pledged that their 5G network will be “at least 2x faster” at launch than their rivals, which seems likely to reflect the confidence they have in both their recent fibre optic capacity upgrades and the fact that they hold more 5G friendly radio spectrum than any other operator (at least for now).

Overall they can harness a total of about 140MHz (frequency) across several related radio spectrum bands and one of those includes a 100MHz block of contiguous spectrum in the 3.4-3.8GHz band (here), which is known to be the sweet spot for 5G. By comparison their rivals only have smaller slices of the 3.4GHz band to use at launch but this will change as Ofcom auctions off more spectrum.

NOTE: At present Vodafone only has 50MHz of 5G spectrum, while EE and O2 both hold 40MHz in the 3.4GHz band.

Despite this it’s still too early to say whether or not Three UK is actually able to deliver on their “2x faster” promise, particularly as testing of early networks doesn’t tell us much because there’s plenty of spare capacity being shared between very few users (most people don’t own a 5G Smartphone yet and so can’t benefit from the new network).

Similarly the operator’s recent beta trial in Camden returned an average download speed of 138Mbps (compared to 25Mbps on their 4G network), which is good but rival EE has told customers to expect speeds of 100-150Mbpseven in the busiest areas” on their 5G network (here). Not exactly 2x faster but this is all very anecdotal and in theory that 100MHz block will give Three UK an edge.

Three UK’s 25 5G Launch Cities for 2019
Milton Keynes

Admittedly 5G technology is designed to cope with peak download speeds of 20Gbps but, just like with 4G and 3G before that, it often takes several years before networks are able to reach even close to the peak design performance. Ofcom will also be releasing a lot more spectrum in 2020 (i.e. the 700MHz and 3.6 – 3.8GHz bands), which is needed to support faster services and better coverage in the future.

We should point out that Three UK recently offered a 4G Home Broadband package with unlimited data from just £22 per month (HomeFi) and they have a dedicated wireless ISP brand called Three Broadband (formerly Relish). Both of these will be getting a big performance boost from their new 5G network.

In terms of Three Broadband, the operator is today launching a single 5G Home Broadband plan with “truly unlimited data” for £35 per month on a 12 month contract. The new package pledges to deliver “fibre-like, ultrafast speeds” and will be accompanied by a new 5G “plug and playWiFi hub router (we’ll have more details on that later).

Dave Dyson, CEO at Three, said:

“Three’s 5G is going to revolutionise the home broadband experience. No more paying for landline rental, no more waiting for engineers, and even a same day delivery option. It really is the straightforward plug and play broadband that customers have been waiting for.

We’ve taken a simple approach with one single truly unlimited data plan to give customers the opportunity to fully explore 5G and all its exciting possibilities. The ease and immediacy of it all means home broadband using 5G is going to be key to the future of the connected home.”

However we should add that Vodafone has given the operator some competition on the “unlimited” data front with the launch of several new plans (here), although unlike them Three UK isn’t capping their 5G speeds by price.

The launch today may be focused upon their 5G Home Broadband service but we expect Three’s mobile (smartphones etc.) plans to follow shortly.

UPDATE 8:16am

The 5G Hub from Huawei appears able to support up to 64 WiFi connected devices and it also includes 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) ports. On top of that the WiFi standard appears to be the very latest 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). By the looks of it they’re using the same exact device as EE (further details).

UPDATE 8:18am

We’ve managed to get a map of Three Broadband’s initial 5G coverage in London.


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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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66 Responses
  1. Chris Roskam says:

    Three would be great, but not launching in Southampton like their rivals so Vodafone is the one to get for me now

  2. Paul Gray says:

    It’s great how they are effectively upgrading existing customers. I’ve had three as my main broadband for about ten years now. 4g speeds been very nice and even in the 3g days, played and won an online game tornament (eve online).

    That said, not rushing to get a 5g router as:
    1) only recently upgraded my router
    2) waiting for next generation of choosers and some 5nm chips as the amount of processing and power usage, just not comfortable with this 1st gen lot.
    3) there is also some changes comming to 5g, which alas I don’t have the technical at hand, but effective makes it more energy efficient, something about the modulation iirc, but at this hour of night, my brain is rightly mush.

    But for now, my humble 4g handles streaming of 4k fine and the upstream, also capable of that most of the time.

    In sure 5g will be better still and the ping times would be just lovely if I choose to engage with some FPS action. But for now, I’m in no rush. Also want some choice in router’s as currently, not a big selection compared with 4g.

    But fantastic offerings about, I remember when 3g came about, recall chaos in technology at BBC having fun streaming the film “The Matrix”. Do wonder if it was the first film ever streamed in 3g, not heard any earlier stories. But the costs then, compared to now. Much more inline with reality these days and certainly without a doubt, will give the wired broadband offerings some competition. Which as somebody who lives inside the M25 and unable to get Virgin Media only in junkmail form, serves them right. I hate VM after recommended twice only for install to be canceled without notice with the, sorry we can’t provide service at that location bull.

  3. Toby Adams says:

    I love how three are setting the agenda for 5G. I felt they missed the boat a bit with 4G (remember 3.5G?) and were always playing catch up. Such a great network so I hope it works out for them.

  4. Dazzza says:

    I can’t even get reliable 4g and the 3g where I live with 3 is only 3mb with o2 25mb

  5. Alec Broughton says:

    It’s really not unlimited. there is a 1Tb fair usage cap which can be applied at the discretion of three, so if you are a data heavy user expect to run into this soft cap, especially on 5G.

    1. kaptainkandikat says:


      It really is unlimited.

      I use more than 1TB a month, not heard a peep from three, even when I’ve called up to get a better deal all they have ever said is ‘ooo, ive not seen an account with that kind of usage before’

      Before anyone pops up calling me an ‘abuser’ i use it as it was sold to me, unlimited.

      Looking forward to 5G reaching my area.

    2. Mike says:

      It’s a soft cap and used as a last resort.

  6. Joe says:

    Is there anything stopping people just buying their £10/20 month unlimited data sims and plugging it into a 5G router? Are there any 5G routers available to the public to buy?

    1. Fabrizio says:

      Not yet but by the look of it you’ll have to have deep pockets ! lol two Netgear routers which are cat 16 and 20 and not even 5G sell well over £275 on amazon so I can only imagine the price tag for the Huawei cpe pro and htc 5g might be.

    2. Wayne Smith says:

      Three is clever sell cheap sim contracts £10 reason being no 5G routers or 5G phones/5G cell available once 5G becomes mainstream price increase for new and existing customers. Clever tactics

    3. Joe says:

      It will be interesting to see the costs of 5G routers for the public, I’m surprised there aren’t any already (which I can find at least). I’m considering going for the cheap sim, making do with a 4G + router and waiting it out for the 5G consumer devices.

    4. Omar says:

      The best deal is go for the vodafone one month contract pay up front for the 5G router cancel your contract now you have a 5G router. I rather wait till 5G router priced around the £100 mark in 2021.

    5. Joe says:

      @Omar – That is an interesting idea! Would the Vodaphone gigacube be locked to Vodaphone sims?

    6. Omar says:

      Joe,I just ordered the Vodafone 5G Router today for £325 upfront going to cancel vodafone 30 days sim only it fully unlocked using this with my £5 3uk AYCE sim deal.

    7. Sarah says:

      @Joe – it will be locked I am sure – I was just about to pull the trigger on a Note 10+ 5G from Three when it says clearly underneath the phone

      “5G model only. Device locked to a participating network. 5G functionality requires compatible network connection.” I don’t want a phone locked to Three so I am just going to buy it from Samsung and then if it does lock I have a case to return as mis selling as no where on the Samsung site does it say the same thing – it’s advertised as unlocked.

      I guess they are starting their shenanigans to make sure people stay with them during the first few years?

    8. jd21 says:

      @Joe did you have to call up/in store? They don’t seem to want to sell this over the live chat

    9. David says:

      You could always sign up to this 5g broadband deal with 3 then cancel the contract and not return the modem. They charge £105 if you don’t return it (as per their faq’s) and I’ve been informed the modem is the Huawei 5G CPE H112-370.

      Not sure whether it comes unlocked but I’m sure there will be solutions to do so in the future.

    10. David says:

      Actually read their t&c’s more carefully and they say it’s a non return charge of £105 and by paying this, it does not transfer ownership of the modem to you.

      ‘Payment of the non-return charge does not transfer ownership of the 5G Equipment to
      You and You are still required to return the 5G Equipment to Us. If You have failed to do
      so We may take legal action to recover it from You.’

      In theory I don’t think they’d go to the effort of doing this of course but you never know and maybe not with the risk on the off chance of getting a cheap 5g modem. Besides if it’s still their property they may well just block the imei so your left with a possibly locked modem that you can’t use in this country anymore on any network.

  7. Guy Cashmore says:

    I think what we are seeing here is the future of most rural broadband. Copper is no longer fit for purpose and the cost of FTTP, even with subsidy, is going to make it extremely slow to deploy at best.

    Well done Dave Dyson, another nail in the coffin of BT copper, keep up the good work.

    1. Bob Jones says:

      I do not think Three will target rural coverage.
      From what I have read, the Three will be targetting 5G Vs home broadband in the suburbs rather than rural locations.

      To date Three do not appear to target rural coverage of (either 1.8 GHz or 800 MHz) 4G.
      Looking at the coverage my locality (South Somerset) Three target 4G coverage for the main towns and main roads.
      Village and rural coverage is as a side effect of the target coverage.

      Even some of the main roads only have 800 MHz 4G coverage (the A37 for example).

      In addition, the 700 MHz 5G cannot offer a significant speed or capacity upgrade over 4G. There is not enough bandwidth at 700 MHz.

    2. Sarah says:


      I know a few locations considered out in the sticks where they have got FTTC abelt 18-20Mbps but the masts have been freed up and pull in over 100Mbps most of the time. I think some people are clever to go for mobile whilst others go for fixed line services

    3. Diane Farnden says:

      I live in rural west Norfolk. BT/Openreach has been busy since February upgrading cabinets to G-Fast and installing FTTP via the telegraph pole. They have done a lot of villages throughout Norfolk – even stringing the fibre between poles across fields to reach outlying market gardens and farms. I was connected in May and get a speed of 330/30. I had to change from EE to BT. I opted for the best package which is not cheap but there are a range of packages to suit everyone. Better Broadband for Norfolk got a grant from the EU.

  8. Fabrizio says:

    Disappointed as they’re basically started with the same coverage as Three broadband ( relish ) actually even less so, I’m sandwiched between Acton and Hammersmith. For the past two years they’ve been dragging their feet to cover my area so I’m not holdingy breath. I was hoping to replace my Vodafone FTTC in November but I have the feeling that by then the coverage will just expands within the existing ‘relish’ cells. Oh well, I just need to be patient I guess. Surprised to see that they dropped the 5G HTC Hub but I prefer the Huawei kit anyway,

    1. Wayne Smith says:

      2 billion pounds spent probably be the last to provide me 5G 2030.

  9. Wayne Smith says:

    Vodafone does 5G £30

    1. Sarah says:

      Yes and 1Gbps both ways apparently.

  10. B C says:

    So three 4g has been unusable in London since may (probably to do with 5g upgrades) and was told that 5g would be the answer when it comes. Today I call them to find out a) it’s not even in my area E1W (nor any of central London by the looks of it) and that I would have to pay an early termination fee to switch to 5g anyway going into £100s of pounds for the Homefi product. In theory what’s to stop me buying a 5g router and popping my sim in there? When 5g comes to the area it should work shouldn’t it? And until the. It would fallback on 4g/3G ?

    1. Omar says:

      Have you seen the prices on 5G routers they know many people cannot afford this outright that why they are offering people £10 sim unlimited data.

    2. kaptainkandikat says:


      who’s offering a sim at £10 for unlimited data? is that a typo?

    3. Omar says:

      kaptainkandikat, three offering unlimited data 6 months £10 NEW CUSTOMER I have (3) sims on £7 600 minutes and unlimited everything. Home broadband sim from three I pay £5 a month with 200 minutes using this in my TPLINK 1200MB 4G ROUTER.

    4. Sarah says:

      I would say based on grammar and tone Omar is Max – and so we can’t take that as true sorry

    5. kaptainkandikat says:


      whilst you are paying very little for your services, most people are not so i think its quite misleading to say mobile networks are providing unlimited data at £10 a month.

      It might start off at £10 a month but after 6 bills, the price is doubled for another 18.

    6. Omar says:

      Vodafone 5G router arrived this morning all confirmed indeed works with my 3 sim and o2 sim unlocked for £325.

    7. Omar says:

      kaptainkandikat, depends how good are you at haggling prices was paying £20 complaining about speeds/signal issues they dropped my monthly charge to £12 a month.
      The last 30 days on my contract I negotiate the prices down to £7 a month.

    8. kaptainkandikat says:


      thats what i thought

      no one is offering £10 unlimited data sims.

      Try not to post misleading information in the future, keep it real.

    9. David says:

      You could always sign up to this 5g broadband deal with 3 then cancel the contract and not return the modem. They charge £105 if you don’t return it (as per their faq’s) and I’ve been informed the modem is the Huawei 5G CPE H112-370.

      Not sure whether it comes unlocked but I’m sure there will be solutions to do so in the future.

  11. Nigel J S Steward says:

    Very disappointing.

    No coverage anywhere in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Winchester, Southampton.

    No coverage anywhere in West Sussex, Dorset.

    No coverage at LHR & LGW.

  12. Gareth says:

    “despite the new network costing more to run”

    I could have sworn in a recent article, Three said the new 5G and Cloud Core Network was more cost efficient….

    1. Spurple says:

      Cost efficient and more expensive are not mutually exclusive.

      For illustration only: If you buy a 10Gb/s link for £100 a month vs a 40Gb/s link for £175 a month, you can see that one costs more and is at the same time more cost-effective.

  13. Michael V says:

    Just got myself the Huawei AI cube. My village has 4G speeds of 40-80mbps down & around 8 up. Certainly happy with 4G b’band. I got it for £20 a month for existing customers offer!
    Living in South Wales valleys I doubt we’ll see 5G-NR there for a good few years anyway!
    Exciting times seeing a new technology!
    I think there’s going to be very interesting competition!

    1. Sarah says:

      Cwm Cynon here – I feel you mun!

      Might look at this myself

    2. Michael V says:

      @Sarah. Yeah Pontycymer I’m in. 40-80mbps down. Around 18 up! It’s consistent too. The through-put is great also. I love it. Full signal in the village. It’s great to have existing customer discount, that’s why I didn’t go with a home ISP.

  14. Malcolm says:

    Sorry don’t think the map is correct – my postcode is SE16 7PY and according to the map I should be able to get it but when I go on the website and put my postcode or quite a few different postcodes around me all of them only give me the 4G options – if I put in the postcode for the bottom of the Greenland Dock (SE16 7PW) then I get the 5G option

    1. Phil says:

      I’m around the corner from you. I called them and they said it should be available but since the service is new it may take time for it to come available. Couldn’t say when.

  15. Aleksandr Metslov says:

    I dare to think this article is a little bit ——-.

    First of all, UK loves to use orated speed measurements. Yes, back in time 1 mbit was fast and was ultrafast. Not today, my dear. Not today.

    “… by the end of 2019 and deliver “at least 2x faster”” speeds. 2x faster speeds according to what? 2×0 is still 0, isn’t it? You have plan – bring numbers onto the table!

    “Similarly the operator’s recent beta trial in Camden returned an average download speed of 138Mbps”
    You know that 4G limit is close to 1Gbps? You know, if you add some fiberoptic cables behind the antennas. Are you aware, that attaching 5G, 6G, 7G antennas to old copper phone cable is not much improvement at all? Australia, apparently does understand that.(and therefore they get approximately 900+Mbps over 4G) But UK is full of bullshit and not able to understand basics.

    Article always put word “unlimited” in “unlimited” data in the brackets. Must be a reason for adding brackets.

    “… although unlike them Three UK isn’t capping their 5G speeds by price.” Yes, Vodafone is actually saying they open packages, divided by speed limits, unlike everybody else, capping speed and data amount, by hiding behind “fair usage policy”.
    Companies like Vodafone seems to be more trustworthy than 3, according to this article.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      I think you mean the operator’s claims and not the article itself, which is merely quoting the operators claims in speech marks precisely because there’s a lack of clear context to them. We even pick apart the 2x claim above.

      As above, “unlimited” was in speech marks because at the time of writing we only had the press release and no T&C’s to go off. Generally I like to see unlimited data tariffs proving themselves to be as claimed before we stop using speech marks.

    2. Aleksandr Metslov says:

      Yes, I do argue with ideas, not the author.
      Sorry, if it feels so. I’m angry at relaxed and misleading advertising standards, UK allows to exist.

  16. Fabrizio says:

    I had an interesting chat with an operator from ThreeBroadband/Relish as I’ve noticed they’re offering 5G too ( it makes sense as Three bought them out for that reason ); I’d assumed that in rebranding them they would eventually merge the offerings ( making a not for their relish legacy service for existing customers) so to avoid confusion. Instead the operator confirmed to me that they’re still running as separate entities whereas someone in London who sign up with ThreeBroadband 5g and decide to move outside London to another 5g enabled city will have to transfer contract. He also confirmed that my area which hadn’t got the coverage is more likely to be covered by Three 5G I’m the near future as they ( 3B relish ) don’t have masts in my area. Also the sims apparently are still separate. So I believe that Three launched FWA today through their existing relish network but there’s no indication on how fast they’re going to expand for Three 5G at the moment. I’m just hoping that they will eventually merge the masts so it’s less confusing. Again I just need to be patient 😉

    1. Fabrizio says:

      Sorry for the typos but I have eyesight issues and can’t see the screen properly and my autocorrect is all over the place. I meant a ‘ notice ‘ to show their legacy modem offerings.

  17. jd21 says:

    Disappointingly small launch area as a current (soon to be ex) Relish user. My home isn’t in the pink 5G zone. A lot of postcodes in the pink area (work, a few friends addresses) only get 4G too, so pretty small active 5G zone. Where it is working they seem to offer 200-400 Mb/s average speeds. I’ve actually been using a Vodafone 4G unlimited sim in a Huawei 525 and getting good results. Thinking I might just pick up a 5G router from Voda and stick that sim in it or an old unlimited 3 sim in. But that comment about separate sims worries me

    1. Sarah says:

      get the Voda £30 1Gbps both ways 5G offer – you know you want to 😀

    2. jd21 says:

      Both ways? I already have a 5G enabled max sim, that’s what’s currently giving me 4G Broadband at home at 100Mb/s

    3. Fabrizio says:

      Separate sims between three and three broadband, but they both work on 5G though. I’m also tempted to cough up the £350 on a monthly Vodafone so I can get the router and then stick a Three sim in it even if 5g hasn’t reached my area that router has a major carrier aggregation for 4G ( my local mast has been upgraded ). Then hopefully I’ll see 5G when they flick the switch on my local non relish mast 🙂

    4. Fabrizio says:

      Meant 30 days contract for Voda 🙂

    5. jd21 says:

      Yep I’ve popped down to my local voda shop and ordered a 5G router. Can pop either 3 or Voda sim in and see what 4G/5G is available and stick with whatever works best for me.

    6. Fabrizio says:

      Let me know how you get on, please. Well jealous 😉

    7. Joe says:

      Also interested to see how the Voda hub with Three sim works out, let us know! 🙂

  18. Mibu says:

    Just got the this 5G hub this afternoon. I’m getting around 270Mbps at my location se8. Good enough for me as i was getting around 15Mbps previously. Another nice bonus was that they gave me a goodie bag with a Razer 2 phone inside. For £35 i feel that it is ok considering Vodafone is pricing theirs at £50pm. It could be cheaper but atm there is no pricing on a 5G hub by itself.

    1. Joe says:

      Thats great! out of interest was the upload a similar speed? I can’t remember if Three is symmetrical up and down across the board?

    2. Mibu says:

      Sadly the Upload was around 30Mbps

    3. Simon Hayter says:

      It’s all good until more and more people get 5G, then your speed going to plummet big time! EE does 4G+ which is 300mbps max, at the time of release, I got over 250mbits, now, your lucky if you get 40Mbps during peak.

      You problem is, your competing against the same bandwidth with all those that connect with it, so really depends how many others get 5G, and since, broadband seems POOR in your area, I imagine, lots of people going to 5G which will lower your bandwidth.

    4. David says:

      Hi Simon

      I’ve been in EE for 2 years never got less than 100mbps and I get well over 450 from 10pm and overnight on the unlimited sim. Area dependant of course

  19. Cman says:

    What ping are people getting on three 5g?

    Curious how far from the 1ms thrown around it is

    1. Mibu says:

      About 8ms for me. It could be better if I had it near a window but mine is at the centre of the room.

  20. Scott S says:

    If 5G is so fast, why do you need a separate home broadband service at all? Why can’t you just get a 5G service for your mobile, and use it as a hotspot at home?
    Ok I know the first obstacle: there are very few 5G handsets now (August 2019) and they are quite pricey. That has to be weighed against how much you would save by not having a separate home broadband service.

    What are the other obstacles/ considerations?

    1. Bob says:

      Most of the 5G spectrum is above 3Ghz – those frequencies won’t penetrate into buildings. So mobiles indoors will be restricted to the lower frequencies currently used by 3G and 4G – 5G will allow them to use the available bandwidth a bit more efficiently but speeds on those frequencies will still be about the same as they are today.

      For the really fast 500Mbps to 1Gbps+ speeds promised by 5G you’ll need an external antenna, pointed at the nearest phone mast.

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