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Virgin Media UK Launch WiFi Calling for Mobile Customers

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 (11:46 am) - Score 5,112

Customers of Virgin Mobile UK (Virgin Media), specifically their Pay Monthly subscribers, may be pleased to know that the operator has today launched the ‘Wi-Fi Calling‘ feature on their service at no additional cost, with usage deducted from your existing airtime allowance. But you’ll need a supporting Smartphone to benefit.

The Wi-Fi Calling feature has been around for a few years now on some operators. In simple terms it enables your mobile, without the use of a third-party app, to automatically harness an available WiFi connection (usually from your home broadband router) in order to make calls (i.e. shifting a little bit of network traffic off the mobile network). The feature is particularly handy if you are indoors at home without a good mobile signal.

NOTE: Virgin Mobile is currently a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on BT’s (EE) platform, but they’ll soon be switching to Vodafone (here).

The catch is that you’ll need a compatible device in order to benefit, such as a Samsung S9 & S9+ or one of the many iPhone releases since the 6s. Most of the time your Smartphone should detect whether it can use WiFi Calling automatically, but in other cases you may need to hunt through the settings and manually enable the feature.

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19 Responses
  1. Avatar Paul Newton

    Why is it that only compatible devices are supported? This isn’t just Virgin, but all of the networks? iPhones are normally fine but Android it tends to be the larger manufacturers such as Samsung. Didn’t Google introduce the Carrier Configuration in Android 6 to allow support to be added (https://source.android.com/devices/tech/config/carrier)? Surely if the networks sorted out their apps with this all Android handsets could pick up the correct configuration?

  2. Avatar David

    S10e here – no support yet no update reboot not working – hoping they will sort it soon bad signal here

  3. Avatar TheFacts

    Network may say not supported , but may actually work.

  4. Avatar Roger_Gooner

    WiFi calling isn’t showing as an option on my Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

  5. Avatar Meadmodj

    WIFI Calling ability on the phone more to do with whether they have been (or able) to update to the relevant level of Android or iOS and SIM specifics rather than the particular model. e.g iPhone 5 SE can.

    There are issues regarding some phones that have provider specific firmware if they have moved between provider so no provider guarantees it will always work.

    VM lists the phones (shorter list than given by EE or O2 as it only includes Apple and Samsung devices)

    Apple: iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    Samsung: Samsung S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S10e, S20, S205G, S20+5G, S20Ultra5G, Note10, Note 10+ and Note 10+5G

    I suppose it also depends how VM have implemented it as to how quickly it is available where it can.

  6. Avatar Michael V

    Ok, that’s good that WiFi calling is more here for their customers. But why is it always only for pay monthly customers? Why do these Operators always leave out PAYG users.

    >Three is the only operator to include WiFi calling [also VoLTE] for all customers on pay monthly & PAYG.

    • Avatar david

      I think Three is in trouble. Whilst they say they are shutting their stores I thought it was just because of the Pandemic – but my local store has been converted into a news agents! – and not a pop up shop either.

      SO maybe they are going to go online only with their amazing new core network?

    • Avatar Michael V

      @david. I have no idea about them permanently closing stores. I’ve not heard anything.

    • Avatar Tom

      I’ve also not heard anything. Closing stores is just part of doing business now anyway as hardly anyone goes into stores compared to the number of people who just buy directly online or get service.

      With most mobile stores there’s not a great deal of support they can give you anyway unless it’s a problem with your phone itself as generally they lack the full support systems they have on the phone / online.

  7. Avatar AndyC

    Ive had mixed results so far, S9 on latest firmware but of late you can clearly hear other peoples conversions and they can hear yours, in fact i had a 4 way convo with someone else while calling my mum NOT GOOD!

    Also ive had reports that the people i call carnt always hear me well as my volume fluctuates a lot under wifi.

    Ive turned it off for now.

    • Avatar david

      Haven’t heard of cross talk since the 90s – fair play!

    • Avatar joe

      “S9 on latest firmware but of late you can clearly hear other peoples conversions and they can hear yours,”


    • Avatar AndyC

      Straght up, i wish i was able to record a little snippit of it but i dont think the law would look favourably at me. At least though my mum will confirm it.

    • Avatar Michael V

      Cross talk isn’t possible on today’s digital tech! Unless some people still use analogue home phones!

    • Avatar Phil

      @Michael V

      That is under the assumption there is no analogue chain involved. It wouldn’t surprise me if bridging from mobile to landline happens via an analogue to digital and digital to analogue converter. So an issue with software and hardware could see two lines come together, or simply they have some lines wired into the same ports by mistake. Even if everything is digital, don’t forget the software/hardware will be written and built to provide conference call functionality, so the ability for calls to come together is there.

      I work in IT and software and the one thing I’ve learnt is when a report comes in of strange behaviour, even if it seems a complete impossibility as the “logic or code” can’t do that, that the user is often correct and some odd reason for the behaviour is later found and fixed.

  8. Avatar SeanyH

    Just updated phone and now have thi, brilliant due to poor signal where I live many thanks Virgin keep the good work up

  9. Avatar Darrell

    Isn’t it a bit cheeky to still deduct airtime from your tariff when they are offloading traffic to your WiFi. They should be paying me to use my WiFi. Note: the phone will auto switch to using your WiFi if its available, preferring to use your WiFi even if you have a decent GSM signal. This is a win win for the phone networks as they can offload traffic but not pass on any savings to the customer what so ever.

  10. Avatar Bernard

    I’m pay monthly with Virgin on a Samsung S7 and can’t get WiFi calling despite them allegedly “activating” it for me.
    However, I get it when I insert a “3” PAYG SIM – so how is it my phones software can get it on 3 and moor on Virgin

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