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15 Metre Wireless Broadband Mast Angers Locals in Blackpool

Thursday, Aug 12th, 2021 (2:50 pm) - Score 9,672
IX Wireless Mast in Blackburn

The decision by fixed wireless network builder IX Wireless (UK ISP 6G Internet) to deploy a new 15-metre high broadband mast in the Lancashire town of Blackpool has attracted an angry response from local residents. Many of which live in bungalows and fear the new infrastructure will be ugly, dominant and may devalue their homes.

IX Wireless has previously spoken of their aspiration to cover 250,000 UK premises with their wireless broadband network this year, and then 4 million by 2025 (here). But until now most of their deployments have tended to focus on the nearby town of Blackburn (they’re also working in Manchester, Hyndburn, Preston, Bolton and Salford). On top of that, they also plan to build some FTTP, but the exact rollout plan for all this remains unclear.

NOTE: Pictured – a similar IX Wireless broadband mast in Blackburn.

According to a report on LancsLive, nearby residents have described the planned mast – due to be built on a green space near Bispham Gala Field at Guildford Avenue – as an “eyesore” and “huge monstrosity” that they fear could devalue their homes.


The council recently rejected approval for a similar sized mast from mobile operator Three UK, which occurred because it was deemed to be a “conspicuously tall feature in an open location … and would tower over the surrounding townscape.” But IXW’s deployment is different, as it falls under Permitted Development (PD).

In fairness, the area already seems to have quite a few tall telegraph poles and lots of street lights dotted about the place. Furthermore, the ability to access ultrafast broadband is something that various studies have shown, albeit anecdotally, could boost the value of nearby houses.

A Spokesperson for IX Wireless said:

“IX Wireless Limited engages with local authorities and councils at a very early stage of the network planning process and Blackpool has been no exception. Part of our communications strategy involves engaging with local residents in the areas where our network infrastructure is planned, taking into account appropriate concerns and making adjustments wherever possible.

The poles we erect are no more intrusive than existing telephone poles or CCTV poles in the area/town. We are considerate of the landscape and follow best practice and guidelines in relation to the siting of poles and cabinets.

We are always happy to consider any specific concerns or answer any questions that residents may have about our services and would encourage them to contact us directly so that we can assist them personally. Our aim is to provide ultrafast internet at an affordable price for everyone.”

As we always say, deploying new infrastructure will often end up attracting complaints, yet in the long run it’s usually worth the hassle. But perhaps the biggest problem for IXW in Blackpool is not the moans from some local residents, it’s more likely to be that they’re not the only fish in the sea.

In terms of gigabit-capable rivals, the town is already extremely well covered by Virgin Media’s network, while Openreach have a small bit of FTTP in other parts and Yayzi Broadband – via ITS Technology – are deploying full fibre in the town too. Not to mention CityFibre’s £60m build across the same area, and WeFibre (Telcom) have also named the town as one of their planned locations.


Suffice to say that there’s a lot of competition building across Blackpool, although IXW do have one advantage in that their wireless solution will be able to cover a wide area and all in a relatively short space of time. At present, 6GI’s top “Ultrafast Fibre” tier provides a 100Mbps (20Mbps upload) capable service for just £21.99 per month (despite the name, they offer this via their wireless network).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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29 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Me says:

    The usual idiots complaining, and you can guarantee these same people are the first to complain if they have no mobile signal or fast broadband.
    I hope the mast stays and any objections dismissed.

    1. Avatar photo Joe Bloggs says:

      I face the same problems every time someone tries to put up a 5G mast in my town. I don’t think Joe Public should be able to stop installations of our infrastructure personally.

    2. Avatar photo Mike says:

      Perhaps the best way to handle it is the mast will be taken down but only on the condition all the complainers are banned from using mobiles.

  2. Avatar photo Mariusz says:

    How can one complain about something being ugly when they themselves live in BUNGALOW 😀

    1. Avatar photo Billy Nomates says:

      Bedford borough council denied three permission to install a 20M monopole, in front of an industrial estate. The reason they gave: it would spoil the view. Yes, the view, of an industrial estate.

  3. Avatar photo Ben says:

    “At present, 6GI’s top “Ultrafast Fibre” tier provides a 100Mbps (20Mbps upload) capable service”

    So an “ultrafast fibre” service that is neither fibre nor ultrafast. Surely the ASA have to step in at some point.

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      I think Ultrafast has been downgraded to 100Mb+ — e.g. Virgin refers to their 100Mb package as “Ultrafast M100 Broadband”.

  4. Avatar photo Eddie says:

    Can people be reminded that a BT Telegraph pole is over 6 metres high with lots of wires going everywhere and there are lots of them. This single pole will serve many homes

  5. Avatar photo Eddie says:

    Put a false lamppost light on top there is one of them every 25 metres on the street! Nobody complains about them. Better still mount the wireless units on the lamppost.It would have helped if the pole had been mounted vertically unless the is the picture!

    1. Avatar photo Rfi says:

      Or make a kitsch version of a Victorian style lamppost, the most weird the better.

  6. Avatar photo Michael V says:

    There should be more choice of FWA /Fixed Wireless Access broadband providers in Britain.
    These people who complain will of course end up using the service!

    Though the council are wrong to block a mast from a mobile network operator but approve one from a FWA provider.

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      Indeed, that would be wrong. Fortunately the council didn’t approve the mast – it was erected through the “permitted development” system.

  7. Avatar photo Mark says:

    If anything devalues a property nowadays it’s lack if access to high speed broadband and mobile.

    Most people will now when shopping for a new property check if there is decent internet and mobile coverage first before anything else.

    1. Avatar photo Mark says:

      “If anything devalues a property nowadays it’s lack if access to high speed broadband and mobile.”

      Certainly a lot of areas of the Cotswolds where that doesn’t apply. Prices are high I live in a poor mobile area and not great broadband, the locals are quite happy to reject planning for masts etc, prices are very high,perhaps its snobbery!

  8. Avatar photo Mike says:

    6G Internet very poor review!


    This is Fixed Wireless Access aka WiFi disc on mast beam directly to home WiFi Access Point disc. Your mobile phone doesn’t work!

    If rains then internet connection interrupted! same Sky TV!

    ‘6G’ is nonsense, misleading. lol!

    1. Avatar photo Rob says:

      They’re terrible. Had a customer that was offline for months as 6G decided there wasn’t enough customers in that area so they switched off the mast with no prior warning.

  9. Avatar photo JitteryPinger says:

    While I don’t object to monopoles in most cases, this one does look a bit of a mess and the intention of what the provider (6G in this case) is ‘trying’ to offer is a stupid solution.

    While there advertising isn’t technically miselling, its centainly misleading, and as had been highlighted they aren’t exactly providing fibre speed.

    So while I vote on the side of this being a crap method of providing broadband and that they should’ve done better I also agree that many people jump on this bandwagon of voting down any structure in there neighbourhoods/towns.

    Also why the hell would a provider (a serious one) call themselves 6G, specially in the current ‘moron’ climate.

  10. Avatar photo Ig Og says:

    ‘the town is already extremely well covered by Virgin Media’s network” you say, very suspicious. Better check who’s complaining.

    1. Avatar photo Groggy Ig Og says:

      Ig Og’s bizarre and futile vendetta against VM continues unabashed.

    2. Avatar photo JitteryPinger says:

      Groggy – Well when a companuy gives the excuses for people to form prejudice against them, the hate generally don’t go away overnight.

      The typical feelings of people who are monopolized by a provider and then abused when trapped in the corner.

      I used to hold alot of hate towards Virgin, and that was due to the monopolisation and corners I was trapped in with multiple accounts and addresses, fortunately for me and others alternatives have finally reared their heads and given a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long time….

      However I do still know some who are stuck in this horrible situation of monopolized areas, and worse still the promises of alternatives coming into the area is further causing stress due to little to no information.

    3. Avatar photo Groggy Ig Og says:

      Jittery – Or you could try not to allow feelings of hatred over something so petty, to take root in your life?..

    4. Avatar photo JitteryPinger says:

      That’s your point of view…. you have to remember not everybody has the same point of view.

      Reasons for peoples anxiety could be for a number of reasons and until you hear their story or see whats happening yourself you or I shall never understand.

      People that are monopolised to Virgin Media find themselves with Broadband bills spiraling out of control and when they try to leave they have knowhere to go, many area’s still exist where ADSL is sub 3mbps and only other option for a family wanting/needing internet access of a respectable reliability is to grim and bare Virgin Media….

      and then issues with the service can cause further issues and the encouragement for Virgin Media to resolve the issue isn’t their if theirs not competing service.

      and while we might see 4G/5G broadband as an alternative, coverage in many built up areas where Virgin hold the monopoly is often patchy and worst of all heavily congested, or in many areas coverage is barely existent.

      So lets just agree that not all have the same point of view or oppinion and maybe just let people vent there disgust with the companies that promise everything and often delivery a fraction of the promise.

  11. Avatar photo Optimist says:

    There’s been a tower over ten times that height in Blackpool since 1894!

    1. Avatar photo WonkoTheSaneUK says:

      Maybe if they made this new one look like a scale model of that one?

  12. Avatar photo Yatta! says:

    Permanently aggrieved NIMBYs will moan, it’s their favourite pastime.

  13. Avatar photo Tony Moses says:

    My parents have had 6G internet installed in Blackburn now for 5 months, Which i organised for them due to good feedback from my sister.

    Price is £21.99 for 100/20 meg which is cheaper than DSL so great on that point
    The Install service is great 2 guys turn up and do everything neatly in about 1 hour, and even log all your devices in for you and show you the speed this was a really good start to the service

    It went down for 2 days on and off about 4 weeks ago, 6G sent about 6 emails with updates, but was still not good as I wanted no hassle.

    Before i could complain got an email from 6G saying and unplanned issue caused the outage and we would get the next month free, with an apology.

    It does what it says, the service is proactive, and the install guys are great

    so for me its a win win

  14. Avatar photo Jonny says:

    Not getting into the NIMBY arguments, but building masts and supporting infrastructure for fixed wireless access in mainly urban areas and then delivering 100/20 over it seems like a bit of waste of time and effort.

  15. Avatar photo Grimreaper says:

    Strange how Councils suddenly decide to listen to people when it comes to complaints about masts yet never seem interested when it’s complaints about closing local amenities or hiking Council tax.

  16. Avatar photo Amanda says:

    It’s a waste of money time & recourses. But if anyone had done there own research into 5hid then they would know. Shame on you all for bitch slapping each other you all sound like primary school kids fighting for attention.
    The company has 1 employee ? It’s true owner fled tho the united Arab Emirates after suspicious collapse of it’s business empire in computers .
    You all know this though!! So a company set up in 2017 offering coverage (already covered by established others) is ok to errect stupidly tall “wooden” poles (wireless is what it says the alternative is under foot as a rule)
    Your all crackers iv not heard an educated comment from anyone yet which disturbs me even more!!
    So EE need planning permission but IXW are a permitted development? So how does that work in your world then !!

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