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Openreach Publish Next 113 UK FTTP Broadband Rollout Areas UPDATE2

Tuesday, Jan 25th, 2022 (9:32 am) - Score 40,824

Openreach (BT) has this morning published the first update of 2022 to the £15bn rollout plan for their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network, which adds 113 new locations (towns and villages) to their coverage plan. The operator aims to reach 25 million premises (80% of the UK) by December 2026.

So far the operator’s engineers have already managed to cover over 6 million homes and businesses (1.9 million were added in 2020/21), which at the last count was running at a build rate of c.47,300 premises per week and this is predicted to peak at c.75,000 at some point in the near future (i.e. up to 4 million premises per year), before dropping back again toward the latter stages of their commercial build.

NOTE: Some 6.2 million of the premises being targeted are rural and semi-rural (here).

The latest update covers a wide mix of different locations, from larger towns, like Bolton and Aldershot, to large villages, like Pembury and Langley Mill. Unlike the last update, most of these locations have been placed into more specific build windows. For example, the majority of new additions are set to be built between 2022 – 2023/24, while others fall into the 2022 to 24/25 and wider 2022 to 2026 windows.

However, it’s worth noting that Openreach hasn’t put out an official announcement about today’s update, which is because they’re stuck between the imminent release of BT’s next quarterly results (city disclosure rules apply) and their transparency commitment to the Government (DCMS) and industry. In other words, the official announcement will come later next week.

Nevertheless, we can at least give our readers the list of new locations, after having painstakingly extracted them one-by-one from the operator’s January 2022 Build Update (PDF). The service, once live, can be ordered via various ISPs, such as BT, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Giganet and many more (Openreach FTTP ISP Choices) – it is not, currently, an automatic upgrade.

We should point out that, once completed, Openreach’s commercial rollout will still leave around 20% of premises unserved by their full fibre network, although no doubt some of those will be tackled by alternative network providers (as is already the case in quite a few areas). Meanwhile, for locations with no gigabit connectivity options or related plans, the Government’s £5bn Project Gigabit will attempt to help fill the gap.

NOTE: Such build lists are tentative, which means that some locations may be removed (e.g. if found to be too expensive due to complications) and others added. Openreach has not yet completed their rollout plan, so more updates will follow in the future.

January 2022 Additions to Openreach’s FTTP Build

Alderley Edge
Bridge Of Allan
Bulls Green
Castle Bromwich
Chipping Sodbury
Crouch End
Derby (Derby) – 24/25
Dimsdale – 24/25
East Bay
Exeter Sowton
Frome Keyford
Glenrothes North
Great Harwood
Hadleigh Essex
Headless Cross
Heaton Moor
Kirkcaldy / Beveridge
Langley Mill
Little Chalfont
Market Harborough
North Walsham
Norwich North
Norwich West
Paddock Wood
Parsons Green
Selly Oak
South Benfleet
St Ives
Stepping Hill
Stoke City
Stoke Trinity
Wakefield (Wakefield)
Wotton Under Edge

UPDATE 26th January 2022

Openreach may not have been able to give a national picture for the above rollout phase, but they have released a number of regional updates. Suffice to say, we can get a pretty good idea of how big the latest phase is by adding the totals for those regional reports together (i.e. 601,000 new premises added in this phase).

Yorkshire and the Humber £27m (90,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 480,000 Premises (91,000 subscribed)

North West England £58m (196,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 815,000 Premises (163,000 subscribed)

County Durham / North East £15m (50,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 133,000 Premises (34,000 subscribed)

East Midlands £39m (131,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 350,000 Premises (75,000 subscribed)

Wales £25m (80,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 425,000 Premises (100,000 subscribed)

Scotland £16m (54,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 530,000 Premises (124,000 subscribed)

UPDATE 4th Feb 2022

East of England £32m (108,000+ New Premises)
Existing FTTP Cover: 500,000 Premises (135,000 subscribed)

This takes the prior total of 601,000 premises in this phase to 736,000.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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72 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Alex says:

    Stand by readers…complaints incoming…

    1. Avatar photo Martin Pitt - Aquiss says:

      Can’t believe it….no Cuckoo Oak 😉

    2. Avatar photo Phil says:

      HAHA I ain’t worry about no Openreach FTTP for Cuckoo Oak (Telford & Wrekin) because there will Exascale to build FTTP around Cuckoo Oak area later this year. And even much better Exascale will have same speed downstream and upstream for Full Fibre 50/50, 150/150, 500/500, 900/900.

      Openreach FTTP don’t do same speed for both downstream and upstream. No thank you Openreach don’t bother come to my area!

    3. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      @Phil – the reality is that most people don’t care about upload speed. Symmetrical isn’t something that’s going to drive market share for residential customers.

    4. Avatar photo mrpops2ko says:

      Completely untrue Anonymous. Content creators value upload extensively and better upstream then feeds into greater variety and demand for downstream.

      Neglecting one has detrimental effects on the other.

    5. Avatar photo Symmetrical FTTP says:

      Symmetrical speeds are an important factor when deciding to either go with ISP 1 or ISP 2. Upload/upstream data rates need to be high for business requirements, not only business but large families, like my own are increasingly in need of extra bandwith..

  2. Avatar photo Rural says:

    I wish they started being a bit more open regarding the rural side of it as its clear as mud at the moment. The date of 21/22 to 2026 just means its going to happen, but I know of 2 exchanges in that block (Barnoldswick and Earby) that are at different stages of build in progress.

    Why don’t at least add a column for exchanges where the build has started, just looking at the list they have tons of work to do yet its not as bad as it appears.

    1. Avatar photo Rich says:

      Totally agree as I bet build is in progress to some degree across all the exchanges that have been announced.

  3. Avatar photo cheesemp says:

    It would helpful if openreach didn’t just use a place name when its often not unique in the UK. For example Hythe has been added but there are two towns (And exchanges) called hythe in the UK. (I would suspect its not the exchange I’m connected to, apart from the fact Trooli added us to their rollout plans about a month ago so maybe openreach are finally coming here now they have competition?)

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Check the linked document or use the map on their website.

    2. Avatar photo cheesemp says:

      Thanks Mark. The PDF really isn’t clear without Hampshire or Kent listed on it. Thankfully the map is clear and its Kent so guess Trooli is my only hope for a half decent service in the next few years (Assuming they are happy to cover the cost of rolling out to my 70s ducted estate – I suspect those 50 year old ducts will need a fair bit of work to clear! I think this is part of the reason Openreach keep skipping my town. I won’t assume I’m getting FTTP until its actually laid.)

    3. Avatar photo FTTP4WALESLOT3 says:

      meh! whatever..
      As per usual, nothing much for S.West Wales. I can see a couple of locations. VM have carried out the modern day equivalent of a Blitzkrieg whilst deploying their 1gig platform here in Wales, why dosent BT do the same.

  4. Avatar photo Alex A says:

    Weirdly my town/exchange has slowly been getting FTTP despite no announcement.

  5. Avatar photo Phil says:

    Meanwhile the list before this one had my town on there but it still stays No Fibre planned on Fibre First website when checking, and on the Openreach Map tool it is coloured for 2026. So why release the names of places when it isn’t expected for 3 or 4 more years? Seems like a PR exercise, it’s certainly no indication FTTP is arriving soon.

    1. Avatar photo Meadmodj says:

      It’s probably our interpretation of these announcements. These are really are indicators of the initial infrastructure which will be augmented overtime until 2026. Each area will be affected by the BDUK Rural tenders, VM and the number of Altnets. One major driving force as we get into the plans will be market share. OR may cut back either coverage or capacity so assuming 100% for either is wrong.

      At least being on the list increases the probability of OR FTTP being present. Their map is reasonably good and broad assumptions can be made based on them following a contiguous plan where possible.

    2. Avatar photo Rich says:

      My exchange is down to be done by December 2026 and they have started doing it already. They seem to be doing it a bit random though with activity sporadically across the 3 different villages but some of those have gone live already. The houses on the other side of my street have had the CBT’s fitted to the poles but they aren’t yet live as an example – so I assume their approach is to do the “easy” ones as they can and sweep back round and do the more “complex” ones later with view of being complete by Dec 2026.

    3. Avatar photo Meadmodj says:

      Yes no different to Altnets. Every £1 counts.

      OH at the DP Pole provides a better ROI. Hence why many Altnets have also prioritised OH feeds.

    4. Avatar photo Jason says:

      Those websites and checkers are absolutely aweful for both Openreach and Cityfibre… So many cases of streets getting built on one.network and their own maps – but then appear to have “no plans” according tot he checker… pathetic

  6. Avatar photo Optimist says:

    The two paragraphs on the last page would seem to indicate that this electronic document is not worth the paper it isn’t printed on.

  7. Avatar photo gn says:

    To see it in a proper context: BT/Openreach is more than a decade behind of where it should be by now with reagards to fibre rollout! And and it’s not symmetric fibre.

    1. Avatar photo JamesP says:

      Yawn. Yeah perhaps they should just give up and no longer bother.

      Fact is, they are now getting the job done, faster than any Alt Net.

    2. Avatar photo Michael says:

      The reality is that BT have so missed the opportunity, winning the money and then dragging their feet for years, terrible service and a terrible company for years and years. Thank God for the altnets like Truespeed that have given me 900 up and down for three years with only two outs in that whole time, wonderful customer and engineering service and just been given another £100m by Aviva to carry on the good work.

    3. Avatar photo JamesP says:

      @Michael – I guess Truespeed saw the opportunity that Openreach missed 20 years ago and started rolling out then?

      Their coverage is limited to the South West so is no good for 90% of the UK population.

    4. Avatar photo FibreFred says:

      Can’t complain myself. Been on fttc for years and I’m now sat on a 925 down / 112 up 🙂

    5. Avatar photo Fastman says:

      gnewton boring boring boring – see you obsession with symmetric fibre show no sign of waning, !!!! how very predictible — .

    6. Avatar photo New_Londoner says:

      Quote: “BT/Openreach is more than a decade behind of where it should be by now with reagards to fibre rollout! And and it’s not symmetric fibre.”

      Please explain how they are “more than a decade behind” a target that they committed to, and please confirm when and where they stated an intent to deploy FTTP broadband with symmetric speeds. The problem when you hold organisations to account using a standard of your devising that they never signed up to is that you’re likely to be disappointed!

  8. Avatar photo anon46732 says:

    So, 19 million properties remaining out of 25m.

    4 million premises a year at peak.

    So you’d expect around another 16 million completed about 4 years from now.

    With ~3 million left to do in 2026.

    Best case would be, all properties completed by end of 2026, because they haven’t hit peak build rate yet.

    More pessimistic estimate would be 7-8 years from now, assuming a build rate of 50,000 a week, 2.6 million premises a year.

  9. Avatar photo Sam Perry says:

    Yet again no where near me.. the wait goes on.

    1. Avatar photo GG says:

      Never mind. We’re surrounded by towns on this list (and others in build now), with multiple altnets currently building and to rub salt, excellent 5G coverage to boot.

  10. Avatar photo David Lomax says:

    Not moaning, but on the “Where and When” page, they seem to have ‘inserted’ these 113 new locations in the yellow category, to be done by April 2025. Meaning my dump of a town (in the red category) is still to be done last by Dec 2026.

    Does that mean the previously announced 60 odd market towns and villages have been gazumped by these new ones?

    Will I wait even longer now?

    1. Avatar photo Rural says:

      > Does that mean the previously announced 60 odd market towns and villages have been gazumped by these new ones?

      No, as they don’t update the status on these rural exchanges at all it seems. As mentioned previously I know of 2 in progress currently with 2026 dates, one of which is meant to be complete this summer/autumn allegedly. They just aren’t bothering to update these rural exchanges at all in terms of when they will be done, they just will be done at some point in the next 4 years.

  11. Avatar photo NE555 says:

    I note that Burnley made it into this list for the first time. It had previously been announced as an FTTP Priority stop-sell, before they’d even announced the FTTP build!

    The implication is that they intend to get the build complete to at least 75% within a year (by 8 Feb 2023), which is the threshold at which they can stop selling any new copper services to properties where FTTP is available.

    1. Avatar photo Ray Woodward says:

      … and Padiham, but of course nowhere else at all in 01282 area ….

  12. Avatar photo Jamie Simms says:

    Finally some places in Leicestershire and even more pleased that my local area of Market Harborough is on the list. I will await the official update of when it will be done .

  13. Avatar photo Phil says:

    Openreach love moaning people’s

  14. Avatar photo Mark says:

    We launched a Gigabit Voucher scheme for our Norfolk village over a year ago. Despite great enthusiasm from the community and a lot of hard work by our group, Openreach have just stalled and stalled. Latest email from them says ‘At the moment our schemes are on hold whilst we review our scheme pipeline. We’ve had an unprecedented volume of FCP registrations, and we’re reviewing those in line with our network build capacity. I am sorry I can’t provide any definitive update on your scheme at this time, but should be in a position to do so in January.’
    Seems to me they have shoved Gigabit Voucher schemes way down their priority list.

    1. Avatar photo JamesP says:

      Interesting as I started a CFP for my local area in October 2020 (approx 60 properties), this got the go ahead in February 2021 just before the scheme changed. I didn’t see any progress with this project until the 20th January 2022 when CBT’s and fibre cabling were run, hopefully should be completed in a few weeks time.

      Looks like I was a lucky one!

    2. Avatar photo GG says:

      We tried to get our street to do this, but a few people were unwilling to guarantee the shortfall if the vouchers didn’t cover because the odd one got rejected/given as residential instead of business (unlikely). Was a max of £1-200 a house.
      They whinged like there was no tomorrow when lockdown happened and their ADSL didn’t keep up.

    3. Avatar photo Fastman says:

      or they have been utterly swamped !!!!!

  15. Avatar photo Mark says:

    My part of Plymouth, Openreach FTTP went live Dec 2021, I was connected last week, it is a vast improvement. This in competition with Virgin Media already here and Cityfibre are just finishing the build as we speak. We went from nothing to 3 fttp infrastructures in the blink of any eye.

  16. Avatar photo Granola says:

    They keep adding to the locations proposed but the build completed column is short on new “Yes” in comparison. Are they starting too many before getting some completed ? Around here they are fitting kit to the poles at the rate of one every 3-4 weeks. We have a 3 year window 2021-2024 for the install date, sort of ironic.
    On the bright side it is underway.

  17. Avatar photo Chris says:

    I just wish OR would properly finish a Town or village before moving to a new area. They connect the easy infrastructure (i.e drop poles) and leave anything difficult.

  18. Avatar photo Jefferson Humber says:

    Oh my, Hythe is on the list. I may finally upgrade from this 11mbps ADSL hell. Seems to be a bit vague though, date runs to end of 2024 but at least there is hope.

    1. Avatar photo Jefferson Humber says:

      This is too spooky for words. BT are actually outside my house this afternoon pulling fibres through the close, even though the Openreach website still says no plans for my address.

    2. Avatar photo Jason says:

      this is all so weird…

  19. Avatar photo The Facts says:

    Mark – Convert to Excel and sort!

  20. Avatar photo Arran says:

    Why are they building fttp in Stirling when city fibre already has built fttp there…..

    Surely they could be doing places that have no fttp,like the villages just outside the city?

    1. Avatar photo The Facts says:

      Because Openreach have hundreds of ISPs who want to give their customers FTTP.

  21. Avatar photo The Facts says:

    Now 2892 locations.

    1. Avatar photo GNewton says:

      So what? BT is many years behind of where it should have been by now, despite having had so much taxpayer-funded support over all those years, and despite already having had a near nationwide infrastructure like ducts, poles, exchanges, etc. All of this, unlike Altnets.

      And it won’t be more than 80% by 2026 at the most, probably less. Will the taxpayers cough up more money again for the other 20% by 2026?

      And what about symmetric fibre?

      Will BT ever get it right? Perhaps for BT shareholders like you, but it’s different for many end users.

    2. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Openreach could enable the entire country with symmetrical 100G tomorrow and you’d still complain, Newton. Give it a rest it’s depressing and pathetic.

    3. Avatar photo The 'Real' Facts says:

      @anonymous: GNewton is right and is a voice of the people/tax payers who have been abused and neglected for a long time by BT. BT’s business model is “The customer and the government are cash cows to be milked” and they must get the most out of them with the least spent/effort. I am sure you already have decent broadband, and being selfish or a BT shareholder so you feel it is unnecessary to help the marginalized and disadvantaged, because it will come at a cost to you.

    4. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      I have decent broadband. I paid a lot for it. I’m also an adult who accepts that the world doesn’t revolve around me, hence my own personal experience doesn’t apply to everyone and the world shouldn’t be judged based on it.

      Besides prioritising you specifically which is what you strongly implied what did you have in mind for BT to do that they aren’t? Can you magic up the human resources for them to go faster?

  22. Avatar photo Aled says:

    Yikes. I hadn’t really considered asbestos within pipes.

    Yuck, there is not a great deal you can do quickly in this situation. You can call out an asbestos engineer or a cleaning crew to remove/clean it (at huge cost).

    It’s one of those awkward subjects that the Openreach H&S team are presumably not fond of. In a perfect world the end-user would lay their own fibre through the pipes at their own risk (i.e. no potential for lawyers and asbestosis claims). Or just add new duct/overhead?

  23. Avatar photo Kevin Power says:

    No Luton on there is really shocking and weird again. Majority of other areas have the backing now or already serviced. What’s going on here? I can’t get Virgin Media here and therefore stuck on cabinet speeds which are atrocious when you have a family using the internet. 50Mb is appaling.

    When will Luton be on the list?

    1. Avatar photo Meadmodj says:

      Too crowded. VM have high market share with Hyperoptic and OFNL FTTP present. Cityfibre currently recruiting for Luton.

      Therefore like other towns may be a lower priority for OR unless their are other synergies. Although St Alban’s, Harpenden, and Hemel Hempstead are OR FTTP they all separated by rural which may attract a subsidy. A full capacity rollout for Luton could be too risky currently. It will be added later, no doubt, but possibly on different criteria.

  24. Avatar photo Jazzy says:

    Yet they’ve built on NE3 5RP – Wideopen Telephone Exchange (Newcastle upon Tyne) in recent months and it’s not even on their radar

    1. Avatar photo Fastman says:

      because that wilk have been done prior to the beginning of these announcement that these 6m premises (so they are not in the plan up to 2026 so there wont be on the list –

  25. Avatar photo Ad says:

    This is response from openreach for city in Wales today (note 2nd smallest – population of approx 4000):

    We’re sorry, our fibre products aren’t available for you yet.
    However, we are starting to roll out our Superfast Fibre product in your area, giving you speeds of up to 80Mbps – provide your contact details and we’ll keep you up to date with progress and what this means for your address and let you know if our ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre, with speeds of up to 1Gbps is planning to come to your area.
    In the meantime you may still be able to get our Standard copper products – check with your provider of choice.

    Promises of full fibre r just make believe

    1. Avatar photo Ad says:

      Forgot to add – they’ve been promising roll out of speeds of up to 80mbps for over 5 years

    2. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      How dare they not prioritise your settlement of 4000 people above all the other places in the UK with no plans right now? How rude.

    3. Avatar photo Ad says:

      I was just simply pointing out that openreach have been promising fibre to the cabinet where I live for over 5 years (think it’s actually closer to 10 years).

      Don’t see why it’s rude to point out that a lot of places still don’t have plans for fibre to the cabinet let alone fibre to the property which this article is about.

      Don’t really see how it’s rude to comment on how openreach make lots of promises that they don’t keep.

    4. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Think Broadband put FTTC/P coverage at 98.8% of UK premises. This is more than have mains gas.

      1.2% missing coverage is hardly lot of places in the grand scheme.

  26. Avatar photo Josh Welby says:

    Edgware in Middx, London has several Exchanges, but none are on the List yet,
    apart from Colindale

  27. Avatar photo Paul R says:

    Gag no fftp in Waterlooville. Seems I’ll be stuck with VM and the rip off prices for years to come

  28. Avatar photo ad47uk says:

    Are these lists any good? By all accounts we were on their list a couple of years ago and that is where we have stayed, on the list. Still waiting.

    Got an alternative provider building their network in the city now, BT, open reach, out of reach, what ever you want to call them, can now go and swivel, if I go for full fibre, I will be off the open reach network. Been waiting for this for years, since I had to go back onto openreach network when a wireless network I used went under.

  29. Avatar photo Tdal says:

    People do not realise that absolutely nobody is entitled to broadband, Although we require it for our every day lives now like work, tv services, streaming services… The government do not class broadband as a critical utility as no one dies but a phone line yes is a emergency. The hatred from people oh my neighbour has faster speed is a sad time we are living in. Over 600 service providers operate of Openreach network, Yet they are hated by many why doesn’t virgin or a alt net come to your town?? Because they are not obliged too they can pick and choose where they want to go, If broadband is that important, Source 5g, Wireless, Mobile or move house. The size of the uk is massive but yet one company gets all the hatred when the other Altnets get to pick and choose where they target.

    1. Avatar photo GNewton says:

      “The size of the uk is massive but yet one company gets all the hatred when the other Altnets get to pick and choose where they target.”

      This doesn’t show the whole pitcure. Which network company, other than BT, started out with a near nationwide infrastructure like ducts, poles, exchanges? And which other network company was supported by so much taxpayer’s money? And despite all of this, why has BT wasted over a decade with regards to fibre deployment? And if it so easy, why doesn’t BT/Openreach offer symmetric FTTP?

    2. Avatar photo FibreFred says:

      I look forward to the day when the software starts to see Gnewtons posts as duplicate postings and stops them being submitted.

      So boring saying the same stuff week in week out

  30. Avatar photo Sonic says:

    And we still miss out. What makes Winchester so undesirable? No plans by BT, or any of the other alt-nets.

  31. Avatar photo Michael Anderson says:

    lol, no North Tyneside again. Pretty sure they are doing it just to annoy me.

  32. Avatar photo Paul Griffiths says:

    the Horley mentioned ?
    is it the Horley in Surrey ?

Comments are closed

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