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CityFibre Based UK ISP Yayzi Broadband Launch 2.5Gbps Plan

Thursday, Jan 18th, 2024 (10:30 am) - Score 3,360

Following last year’s trial, Yayzi Broadband, which mainly sells packages via Cityfibre’s national Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network, has today officially launched their new “highly affordable” 2.5Gbps symmetrical speed broadband service to consumers across the country. A new 1.2Gbps tier has also launched.

The packages – named XGS-PON 2.3Gb Pro+ and 1.2Gb Pro (True 1Gb) – are both based off CityFibre’s new wholesale tiers of the same speed (here and here), which harness the network builder’s latest 10Gbps capable XGS-PON based full fibre infrastructure. But for consumers who are still only covered by the operator’s slower GPON services, Yayzi will also offer their G-PON 2Gb Pro+ and 1.2Gb Pro asymmetrical products – both with 1Gbps uploads.

NOTE: CityFibre’s national FTTP broadband network currently covers over 3 million UK premises (RFS), while the XGS-PON upgrade has so far been deployed to 90% of their Fibre Exchanges.

As part of the rollout, existing Yayzi 900 Plus products will now be based on a 1.2Gb line profile as standard, as a major upgrade to its services. This allows true 1Gb speeds on compatible routers and the ability to take advantage of the Yayzi DUO service, allowing upgrade or downgrade seamlessly between Pro packages.

All of Yayzi’s Pro products also come with a 2.5Gbps capable TP-LINK router (Aginet EX820v), which includes 2.5Gb WAN and 2.5Gb LAN ports, plus three additional 1Gbps LAN ports, VoIP options, 4G/5G options for backup and support for “up to” 6Gbps WiFi speeds etc.

Martin Gardner, CEO of Yayzi, said:

“This has been a team effort for all key parties involved right down to the engineers on site, to make multigig a reality and choice for consumers, as the UK full fibre market evolves once again. We are very excited about this innovative move and seeing very high uptake of pre orders and interest for these products. The team at Yayzi have now set the standard in the UK ISP market with our partners at CityFibre and made stupidly fast broadband affordable for the consumer.”

Curiously, the official announcement doesn’t make any mention of pricing, but Yayzi’s website makes it easy to see the answer. For example, the provider’s 2.3Gig Pro+ package costs £50 per month on an 18-month term, while those in GPON areas will pay the same for the 2Gig Pro+ tier, and 1.2Gig Pro is £39 per month. All three packages attract a one-off £99 setup fee and include a Static IP address, as well as a 3-year price guarantee and speed guarantee. The provider’s entry-level 900 Plus package costs just £35 per month with free installation.

A number of other providers have also been quietly testing similar 2Gbps class packages since last year, and we’re expecting Vodafone to launch their own package imminently.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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29 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Yayzi are awesome says:

    This is excellent! I have 1Gbps but wanted this so pre registered. I had the e-mail yesterday about it. £50 a month with 3 years price lock.

    1. Avatar photo Yayzi are awesome says:

      They also have 2 offers on for GPON at 2Gbps and one for XGS-PON areas at 2.3Gbps for the same price which is fair.

  2. Avatar photo No Name Nigel says:

    Thought they’d gone bust from all the money they owed their suppliers!

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      [citation needed]

  3. Avatar photo Martin Gardner says:

    Key point to the above comment regards pricing for 2Gbps G-PON and 2.3Gbps XGS-PON, is that both products are not available in the same areas. When a G-PON area gets upgraded to XGS-PON you will have the option to move across tho the 2.3Gbps package at the same price point, even within contract period.

  4. Avatar photo Steven says:


    This page isn’t workingyayzi.co.uk sent an invalid response.

    1. Avatar photo Liam says:

      Back up 🙂

    2. Avatar photo Martin Gardner says:

      Website is up, please try again thanks.

  5. Avatar photo Anon says:

    Can you really trust a provider that cant even get their package speeds to line up properly?

    The 1.2G and 2.0G are the layer 2 wholesale rates, so you will get lower than this on a speedtest on those products (which is why like with most providers the 1G product is only labelled at 900). Yet their 2.3G product is based on a 2.5G wholesale layer2 rate and 2.3G is what you will get on a speed test as is labelled ‘correctly’.

    Got no faith that these guys know what they are doing with this confusing product labelling.

    1. Avatar photo Liam says:

      This is completely incorrect, those overheads down’t apply as the router has 2.5Gb ports. We’ve seen speedtests of 1261Mbps download uploads of 980Mbps+

      Happy to provide screenshots to prove if you want to get in touch with us 🙂

    2. Avatar photo Liam says:

      Link to a EXFO speedtest screenshot: https://ibb.co/2Zt04Yy

    3. Avatar photo James says:

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about :palmface:

  6. Avatar photo bob says:

    I’ve unofficially heard Zen are preparing to launch as well

    1. Avatar photo James says:

      Same here!

    2. Avatar photo fsociety3765 says:

      Where did you hear this?

      I asked them about this before Christmas last year and they confirmed that they were planning to offer the 1.2Gbps service “sometime in 2024”. But they didnt give any answer on the 2.5Gbps service.

    3. Avatar photo Peter says:

      @fsociety3765 if you’ve asked their sales team then they probably won’t disclose anything not confirmed like 2.5Gb

  7. Avatar photo Anthony says:

    I have to say after being a customer of theirs for 5 months now. I am very happy with what I am getting. Yes, it’s not been perfect throughout. But for the price I am paying I can live with not been perfect. Plus it’s the only ISP other than TalkTalk that offers its service over DHCP which means its perfect for PFsense routers as you won’t get the PPPOE single thread issue. And when you are going to 2.5GB/s that will likely be an issue.

  8. Avatar photo Ross says:

    Hi – I’m with Yayzi in a “normal” GPON area so the max I can get is the 2/1 product (2 Gbit downstream, 1 Gbit upstream). I think most people looking at these faster products are aware that a provider could say ‘Gigabit’ then actually give you a rate-limited 1000 (not 1024) and after TCP and other overheads, you come out with 879 or whatever.

    That said, I’m on the multi-gig, have been a while now, and I’m seeing *VERY* close to TWO FULL GIGABIT down and ONE FULL GIGABIT up. I mean, i’ve literally had, on speedtests, 2048 down – and 980 up on some occasions. YMMV subject to all the things etc.

    Service is provided via a Calix GP1000G ONT which has a multi-gig interface on the customer side. (syncs fine at 10Gbit when I connect to 10G but only “provided” as 2.5G, so that’s what I’ve left it at)

    Note that Yayzi don’t use PPPoE for auth, which helps to a degree with speeds too when you get into the multi-gig territory especially.

    The provided router (at the time I joined, a TPLink EX820v) has TWO 2.5G interfaces (1 WAN 1 LAN) and I used this for testing and got speeds as expected. Generally hitting just under the 2000Mbit downstream and 950Mbit up.

    Now I’m back using my Unifi kit (which is multi-gig) and speeds are still excellent.

    A Speedtest this morning from my desktop gave me 2034 down and 968 up. I generally average in the 1900s down and 900+ upstream. 3 most recent tests (the 2034 at the bottom)


    I just tested using the built in speedtest on the my UDM Pro and got 1.878G down and 958M up. see below


    Finally, my IP is from one of the very first ranges that Yayzi have, which obviously have come from another provider, hence saying “IP RIVER” – but my parents 1G connection tests as YAYZI BROADBAND.

    1. Avatar photo Crotchety says:

      But is web browsing any faster or are you still hampered by poor design and web connectors ?

  9. Avatar photo LeafNet says:

    Congratulations Martin and the team! Great to see a small business making an stamp!

    1. Avatar photo Martin Gardner says:

      Thank you guys 😉

  10. Avatar photo DaveZ says:

    I suppose I’m talking to the speed addicted but:

    …and you need a 2.3Gb/s connection because?

    1. Avatar photo James says:

      Large house hold with multi gamers who’d like to download game updates as fast as they can simultaneously

  11. Avatar photo Osooz says:

    Website seems broken:


    An error occurred during a connection to yayzi.co.uk.

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.

    Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.

  12. Avatar photo J says:

    I sent these guys a message on WhatsApp back in November and distill haven’t heard back from them 2 months later. Their website says this is the quickest way to contact them too. I’d be wary if this if this is their response time to a potential customer. I couldn’t imagine needing actual support and waiting this long.

    1. Avatar photo James says:

      Just remember they are a small company with a couple of people, however they are slowly growing

  13. Avatar photo Jim says:

    Signed up with Yayzi last September because their prices looked tempting.

    I had no confirmation emails from them after the order. Tried contacting them to let them know no engineer visit was required as I already have a Cityfibre line. Their Blackpool phone number listed on the website at the time, was invalid and my emails to them went unanswered.

    That meant two Cityfibre engineers turned up and were confused when they saw my home already had their services and they weren’t needed.

    Then a couple of days later I get a reply to my email from Yayzi basically telling me the engineers would be cancelled and to just plug the router in.

    The router had not yet arrived. I finally got it a week later. By this point I’d already reclaimed my direct debit to them and begged Giganet to take me back.

    What an experience that was.

    1. Avatar photo Anthony says:

      But you had the service active at that point. And you were likely paying less than Giganet?

      I had the exact same issues as you did when signing up to them, only that I found I did need the engineers as TalkTalk would not release my line from them. I was nervous about how good Yayzi would be from that poor switch over. But I have been with them now for 5 months and the service has been perfect and I have been paying £10 less per month than every other Cityfibre provider for it.

  14. Avatar photo Resonate says:

    The key question here is how many people can actually take advantage of XGS-PON. There is very little info on this other than an artical I think I read on this site stating 90% of exchanges were upgraded. I know 4 people in differnt CF areas around the country and none of us are XGS-PON capable according to the Yayzi checker and we were only rolled out last year. So what gives, are we just unlucky or is the 90% figure a stretch of their imagination? Does anyone have a source of truth on who can actually order XGS-PON services?

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