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Openreach List Next 46 UK Areas for Copper to FTTP Switch – Tranche 15

Thursday, Jan 18th, 2024 (1:10 am) - Score 28,360

Openreach (BT) has published the next round of 46 exchanges under Tranche 15 of their “FTTP Priority Exchange Stop Sell” programme, which reflects locations where over 75% of premises are able to get full fibre and can thus stop selling copper based phone and broadband products (i.e. FTTP is left as the only available product).

At present, there are two schemes for moving away from old copper lines and services, which can sometimes cross each other. The first starts with the gradual migration of traditional analogue voice (PSTN) services to digital all-IP technologies (e.g. SOGEA), which is due to complete by December 2025 and is occurring on both copper and full fibre products (i.e. ISPs are introducing digital voice / VoIP services). The national “stop sell” on analogue phone services began on 5th September 2023 (here).

NOTE: Openreach’s full fibre currently covers over 12.5 million UK premises (build rate of c.60,000 per week) and they aim to reach 25 million (80%+) by Dec 2026.

The second “FTTP Priority Exchange” project involves the ongoing rollout of gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) lines – using light signals via optical fibre instead of electrical signals via slow copper lines. Only after this second project has largely completed (75%+ FTTP coverage) in an exchange area can you really start to completely switch-off copper-based products, but that’s a much longer process as you have to allow time for customer migrations.

Between the scrapping of analogue phone services, the full fibre rollout and the gradual switch away from copper lines, this process will take several years in each area to complete, and the pace will vary (i.e. some areas have better FTTP coverage than others). Naturally, premises that can’t yet get FTTP will continue to be served by copper-based broadband products.

NOTE: SOGEA (FTTC), SOTAP (ADSL2+) and SOGfast (G.fast) are all copper-based broadband-only products, where voice services can only be added as an optional digital IP / VoIP phone service (i.e. no analogue phones).

46 New Exchange Locations (Tranche 15)

The migration process away from the legacy services starts with a “no move back” policy (i.e. no going back to copper) for premises connected with fibre, which is followed by a “stop-sell” of copper services to new customers (12-months of notice is given before this starts and that is what today’s list represents). This stage is then followed by a final “withdrawal” phase, but that comes later. The stop sell is applied at premises level, so it shouldn’t impact you if you don’t yet have access to FTTP (edge-case conflicts may still occur due to rare quirks of network availability).

The 46 exchanges announced today – reflecting 344,931 premises – takes the total number of exchange upgrades that have already been notified as part of the aforementioned process (including trial exchanges), or which are actively under “stop sell“, to 920 (up from 874) – covering a total of around 8.5 million premises (or 7m premises actively under stop sell or notified). The “stop sell” in the Tranche 15 areas will be introduced from 17th February 2025.

NOTE: Openreach has around 5,600 exchanges. But hybrid fibre (FTTC, G.fast) and full fibre (FTTP) services are supplied via different exchanges (c.1,000 of that 5,600 total) and up to 4,600 will eventually close (after 2030) – see here, here, here and here.

The operator also has a Stop Sells Page on their website, which usually makes it easy to see all of the planned changes, but for the last few months the download link for their latest Tranches has adopted the .mht (web archive) format that doesn’t load in any of the web browsers we’ve tried. We’ve highlighted this to Openreach before, although the issue remains, and so we had to get the latest list below via more unofficial channels.

ISPreview intend to add some more details to this page later this morning, once Openreach gets around to putting out an official announcement. Otherwise, the following list is tentative, so changes and delays will occur (exchanges are sometimes shifted around into different tranches).

List of 46 Stop Sell Exchanges (Tranche 15)

Exchange Name Exchange Location
Rawcliffe Rawcliffe
Aberaeron Aberaeron
Badminton Acton Turville
Baillies Mills Lisburn
Balmaha Drymen
Berkswell Balsall Common
Brightling Battle
Broughshane Ballymena
Bury Amberley
Chelmsford Chelmsford
Chingford Greater London – Waltham Forest
Crossgar Downpatrick
Cupar Cupar
Ettrick Valley Ettrickbridge
Evesham Evesham
Fareham Fareham
Gillingham Gillingham (Kent)
Graffham Graffham
Great Harwood Great Harwood
Hanley Swan Hanley Swan
Healing Grimsby
Heswall Heswall
Hinckley Hinckley
Ingrebourne Greater London – Havering
Kells Ballymena
Kimberley Kimberley
Kingsbridge Kingsbridge
Kirby Muxloe Leicester
Leigh On Sea Southend-on-Sea
Lismore Achnacroish
Livingston Station Livingston
Maldon Maldon
Malpas Malpas
Martinstown Martinstown
Owslebury Owslebury
Platt Bridge Greater Manchester – Wigan
Rotherby Frisby on the Wreake
Roxburgh Roxburgh
Saint Barnabas Leicester
Seaforde Downpatrick
Sharrow Sheffield
Shurdington Shurdington
Stonehaven Stonehaven
Stoneyford Lisburn
Strangford Downpatrick
Trumpington Cambridge
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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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28 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Matt says:

    Is there a full list of stop sell exchanges online anywhere? Sure my local one was listed in an article before but not seen it and wanted to check if anyone can point me into the right direction.

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      The Stop Sells page is linked in the article above, if you read it all, but until Openreach fix the download link on their site then you won’t be able to see the full list with the latest dates for past Tranches. I have covered all of the tranches on this site in our news, but as I say, tranches can change and so the dates for some locations may have changed over the past year or so.

    2. Avatar photo Meadmodj says:

      Stop sell refers to the withdrawal of exchange copper products. There is now national stop sell although there are exceptions. Only SOGEA and SOTAP (+ new analogue variant).

      The OR FTTP announcements of FTTP is a guide. It will take time for areas to be completed. Check https://www.openreach.com/fibre-broadband/where-when-building-ultrafast-full-fibre-broadband

      To check FTTP status and RFS I would recommending using either EE or Sky web sites and see what products are being offered as that will be a more accurate view of Post Code and premise. Although some ordering FTTP are still suffering from database issues. It is premise specific whether FTTP will actually be available.

    3. Avatar photo Andrew Ferguson says:

      https://labs.thinkbroadband.com/local/postcode-search will give you info on your local exchange.

      Waiting on the list from Openreach, since dates do change

    4. Avatar photo NE555 says:

      > Stop sell refers to the withdrawal of exchange copper products. There is now national stop sell

      No no no no. You are mixing up two different things.

      There is national stop sell for the *PSTN* (analogue voice services, aka “dialtone”). This will be completely turned off in December 2025.

      But stop sell for copper is done area by area: it is only for those areas where FTTP coverage has reached 75% (or is planned to reach that shortly). It also only applies only to properties which have FTTP available. If FTTP is not available to you, then you can continue to order copper-based broadband products indefinitely.

    5. Avatar photo Jonathan says:

      @NE555 What I don’t get is why they don’t just withdraw copper nationwide for those who have the option of FTTP. That’s it you have full fibre available. Quite why it needs to be done on an exchange level is completely baffling.

    6. Avatar photo Winston Smith says:

      Just think how long it would take for Openreach (who aren’t the ISP) to install FTTP to every customer to whom it’s available but is currently on a copper service.

  2. Avatar photo Doireman says:

    Nice to see a few more NI Exchanges being announced also

  3. Avatar photo Abdul says:

    Of course the DEI in action

  4. Avatar photo Terry ball says:

    Considering how many exchange area’s are now considered complete by Openreach there does seem a massive lag before the copper switch off is announced. I have also seen some that have been announced then pulled in a following copper switch off update.

  5. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    Still not here, but then they have to give 12 months notice and also the area have to be 75% FTTP and I don’t think we are even near that yet, not with Openreach anyway. Still, parts of one of the larger estates can’t get OR FTTP.

    1. Avatar photo XGS says:

      Has to be 75% at time of stop sell, not at time of announcement.

  6. Avatar photo Phil Dibbie says:

    Farnham, Surrey, wealthy commuter town, still ignored whilst my FTTC speeds gradually slow.

    1. Avatar photo XGS says:

      FW Networks have coverage in Farnham, Openreach and Virgin Media are building.

    2. Avatar photo Even Wealthier says:

      Oh well as long as you’re wealthy, you must be more important!

  7. Avatar photo Nick Roberts says:

    And the burning question is . . . . will Snowy reach Tinn Tinn, hiding in the roadside cabinet, before the sparkly devil of alt net providers beat him to it?

    Tune in to next week’s compelling episode.

  8. Avatar photo MilesT says:

    .mht file format, should be openable in Internet explorer 11 or earlier.

    In theory Edge on Windows10/11 in Internet explorer compatibility mode should be able to open it too.

    1. Avatar photo Tom says:

      It doesn’t work, you just get a blank page.

      So far the only thing I’ve found which will render the data is https://products.aspose.app/cells/viewer/mht – it is almost as though this particular .mht file contains Excel-specific data and doesn’t render at all in Edge / IE or other browsers.

  9. Avatar photo John thomas says:

    The instilation is a pain in the neck suffered in Tewkesbury 2023

  10. Avatar photo MattBoothDev says:

    My exchange was getting upgraded to FTTP “within the next 12 months” about 3 years ago.

    Openreach are total jokers. They’ll be going back to the government for more money soon.

    1. Avatar photo No name says:

      Same here, 2020 start in 12 months. Then nothing.

      They are really dragging their feet around here.
      I’d love to get over 30Mb, it’s not enough in this day and age.

      We don’t have an altnet here or VM so unfortunately I’m at the hands of OR abusing their monopoly.

      People who have faster competition get all the upgrades, people with no choice get nothing until the very last minute.

      Im expecting December 2026 at this rate, only 6 years after being announced.

    2. Avatar photo RightSaidFred says:

      At least you weren’t told that you weren’t in the build plan after you’d already placed an order and arranged an installation date.

      Mine gets installed tomorrow.

      I’m out in so remote that they needed subtended headends to deliver the service.

      Deliver it they did though.

  11. Avatar photo Robert Rantin says:

    Still no word of fibre to the premises at bt35….we continue to pay nearly £50 for 14 to 17mbps…fibrus has got the jump on bt/openreach/??in this area.

  12. Avatar photo Helen Joyce says:

    All I can say is please help me have my connection for my breathing that is connected at all times please don’t disconnect ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Avatar photo ButWhatDoIKnow says:

      If you’ve got a health device connected to your current copper connection and are worried the upgrade to fibre will affect it, you need to let your service provider know. They shouldn’t switch you until they’re satisfied it will work (or that you’ve upgraded to a device that will work). That said, there’s a new government charter to protect the ‘vulnerable’ and as a result I think Openreach won’t move you from copper to fibre anyway, if you have any type of Telecare device (at the moment)

  13. Avatar photo Phil says:

    I would love to have full fibre but openreach keep cancelling my connection day and then I have to go through having to cancel the paperwork and filling it all in again. Bet they’ll bombard me with text when it suits them to come on fit it.

  14. Avatar photo MD says:

    Would be good if they finished all the areas that were previously planned before raising hopes of all these new areas. Work started in my area 2020, still not complete. As someone else stated, they seem to be prioritising areas that can get access to alt.net providers and already have very good FTTC, leaving those at the mercy of OR until the very end or even cancelling installs!

    1. Avatar photo Matthew says:

      You are correct the rollout is a joke Most of my entire area can get by FTTP but mine. is still stuck on FTTC thankfully I have virgin media here at 1gbps but still, I want full fibre and I’m getting super impatient they think they are building from now to 2026 if the world makes it to them think it’s sad how they start areas then leave and make outher wait full areas should be done befor moving on !!!

Comments are closed

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