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Next-Gen Mobile Broadband (4G) Test Tops 100Mbps+
By: MarkJ - 20 December, 2007 (1:14 PM)

The Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) has run its first tests of long-term evolution (LTE) technology, which many expect to replace existing 3G (UTMS / HSPA) based mobile phone infrastructure in the not too distant future.

LTE (4G) is theoretically capable of downstream speeds reaching up to 173Mbps, which compares well with Mobile WiMax's competing 70Mbps. Both technologies may ultimately become a part of 4G. Meanwhile the test itself appears to have yielded some impressive results:

In its Wednesday announcement, NSN said it had completed the world's first multi-user field trial of LTE in an urban environment. The trial, which was in Berlin, utilised 20MHz of bandwidth in the 2.6GHz spectrum, which is set for a hotly-contested auction in the UK next year.

"[The trial confirmed] that LTE performance requirements can be met using 3GPP standardised technologies and it realised data rates of more than 100Mbps over distances of several hundred metres, while maintaining excellent throughput at the edge of typical urban mobile radio cells," NSN's statement read.

Calling the trial an "important initial proof of concept for LTE", NSN's chief technology officer Stephan Scholz said that LTE would further the company's goal of connecting five billion users by 2015, due to LTE's efficient use of spectrum.

Naturally this early trial is not reflective of what consumers can expect to experience when LTE finally surfaces, not least due to the restrictions of current infrastructure and the need to share bandwidth among customers. More @ ZDNet.

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