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CharityDays Voices Dialup Support
By: MarkJ - 23 March, 2005 (9:20 AM)

CharityDays, an ISP known for giving part of its customer profits to charity, has today voiced its support for narrowband (dialup) Internet access:

Is Dial Up Dead?

With Broadband still very much the buzzword in the world of Internet access, ISPs across the nation are asking the question; “Does traditional dial up access have a future?”

CharityDays the award winning ISP that raises money for charities think they have the answer.

Phil Price, Managing Director explains: “All ISP’s have been enjoying high growth in broadband applications over the past 2 years, however there is still a huge army of people that use Pay As You Go and Unmetered Access. In fact, over 30% of our new sign-ups are to dial up access accounts.

We understand that part of this split is partially due to our concentration on a full speed unlimited broadband product and not offering an entry level restricted product. However, even taking this into account, we are still seeing fantastic growth in dial up accounts.

Based on these sorts of numbers, we know there are still people that simply have no need or desire for the benefits of broadband. Especially when the cost of entry is still, at best, a minimum of £180 a year, quite costly for occasional surfing and sending e-mail’s.

In the opinion of CharityDays, dial up is still very much alive!

For more information on CharityDays please visit http://www.charitydays.net or call 0845 1400024

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