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altoHiway On Business ADSL Concern
By: MarkJ - 30 March, 2005 (9:12 AM)

The director of sales for business ISP altoHiway, Chris Wood, has cut into BT's new 'value' business broadband services. Wood believes that such offers fall short of the quality needed by business and act as little more than re-packaged home user products:

I am unsure if you are aware of this one, but BT is offering new business customers ADSL connections of up to 2Mb as standard from 1st April, however, the 'value' packages on offer fall short of the quality needed by business as the 'new' service is basically a re-packaged home user offering which has been given some BT marketing spin.

Although the basic business package looks good, there are additional hidden costs for services like a fixed IP address and email feed; two of the three packages in the new business broadband portfolio provide a high contention ratio of 50:1 (the same as a consumer service); and the 2Mb speed on offer is dependent on the customer's location.

For example: See

Chris Wood, altoHiway director of sales says: "Far from being a customer benefit, this is a cynical re-packaging of mainly consumer grade ADSL offerings, dressed up as a business service. In the end it will cost business users more for lower quality basic packages.

"We migrate-in ADSL customers who believe they have bought a business service and are horrified to learn that they have contention ratios of 50:1. So don't be misled and make sure that this year the joke's on BT!

Some of our own readers have highlighted a similar concern with 50:1 contended services being relabelled for business use, yet itís nothing new and some providers have been doing it since ADSL was first available.

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