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Businesses Broadband Saves Cash
By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2005 (2:19 PM)

EasyNet has pointed to new research highlighting the cost savings involved when switching from leased line to broadband access for IP VPNs. The report demonstrates how, over a typical three-year contract, a broadband solution can deliver savings of more than 50%:

On a medium-sized network of 70 sites this represents a cost saving of over GBP677,000. What is more, the payback time - even taking into account installation and project management costs in migrating to the new contract - for the switch to a broadband network is less than a year.

The report is clear that not all broadband solutions can be considered as a replacement for leased lines. Only providers of broadband solutions with MPLS are able to offer guaranteed levels of bandwidth matching those offered by leased lines. Analysys highlights the significance of Local Loop Unbundling, identifying that only suppliers who offer broadband over their own unbundled local loop can ensure that end-to-end quality of service can be offered to match leased line performance.

Jill Ainscough, Easynet managing director commented, Some businesses are wasting a considerable amount of money on their current infrastructure by putting off a migration to broadband. Beyond the considerable cost savings, the opportunity to significantly upgrade network capacity to support new ways of working and transform business makes for an utterly compelling business case.

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