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Wanadoo Reveals VoIP Service
By: MarkJ - 09 March, 2005 (1:01 PM)

Wanadoo has bolstered its offerings today through the introduction of 'Wireless & Talk' (WT), their 4 per month bash at a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. The product offers free evening and weekend calls to any UK landline + free calls at any time to other WT users:

Users will not even have to switch on their computers to make calls. Instead, Wanadoo's revolutionary Livebox - a discreet and stylish Broadband hub included in the monthly charge, makes the technology child's play.

Simply plug a phone into the Livebox and make calls in the normal way on the dedicated Wanadoo line - perfect for families who may want to make or receive more than one call at once.

And as the name implies, Wireless & Talk also offers fast Wireless Internet access anywhere around the home. That's more great news for the family, as the Livebox supports multiple computers. No more waiting to get on the Internet - with Wireless & Talk you can jump straight on.

For now, Wanadoo Wireless & Talk is designed as a secondary phone line service, giving users an extra phone line and number in the home, plus free evening and weekend calls.

Options designed completely to replace existing landline services will follow in the coming months, together with some revolutionary new Broadband services.

There's a strong growth in ISP based VoIP, with AOL expected to follow suit over the coming months.

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