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V21 Launches 10 Uncapped ADSL
By: MarkJ - 09 March, 2005 (1:07 PM)

V Two One has, in celebration of its previous promotion, launched a new special offer for its 16.99 uncapped broadband package (512Kbps). New subscribers will pay just 10 for the first three months and 16.99 thereafter, until May 31st:

V Two One is offering this unbelievable 512k connection to home users with absolutely no download limits it has also drastically reduced the cost of its hardware from 29.99 for a USB modem to giving it FREE. Since V Two One launched its broadband service for just 16.99 per month, it has seen an incredible 400% increase in the number of sign-ups for ADSL, signalling the end of an era for dial-up.

V Two One also offers existing broadband customers the chance to enjoy some of the fastest, most competitive priced, uncapped broadband service in the UK FREE of any migration charges.

All ADSL packages offered by V Two One have unlimited bandwidth with no download or port restrictions in place, and V Two One has pledged never to enforce such restrictions on their customers.

Sign up today at http://www.v21.co.uk

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