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BlueLeaf Internet Launches 750Kbps
By: MarkJ - 09 March, 2005 (12:51 PM)

Swindon-based ISP BlueLeaf Internet has announced the launch of its unique 750Kbps broadband ADSL package for £24.99 per month. There's a half-price (£27.50) connection charge and free USB modem + 2 filters:

As part of BlueLeaf Internet’s ever growing commitment to customer satisfaction we are proud to announce the launch of our new Home750 service. This service offers a unique opportunity for internet users seeking a ‘middle ground’ between 512k and 1mb ADSL services.

From speaking with both prospective and existing customers we have found that there is great demand for a service between our current Home500 service (50:1 contention, 512k download, 256k upload) and our Home1000 service (50:1 contention, 1024k [1mb] download, 256k upload). For many customers the price difference between our 512k and 1mb services meant that it was not in their best interest to choose a 1mb service when for most of the day it wouldn’t be used. With the launch of Home750 at only £24.99 per month customers benefit from the increased speeds (up to 13 times faster than dialup and over 25% faster than standard (Home500) broadband, without a large increase in cost.

We note that Anti-virus & SPAM filtering is also offered, although there's no obvious mention of any usage caps.

The idea itself may be fresh, although faster speeds are no longer quite so original due to the growth of "as fast as you can get" usage based options.

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