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ISP's Ordered To Reveal P2P Users
By: MarkJ - 11 March, 2005 (2:21 PM)

The High Court has given six UK ISP's 14 days to supply the names and addresses of 31 individuals alleged to have uploaded commercial music files onto peer-to-peer file sharing networks:

Once it has the information, the BPI will "write to the individuals concerned, setting out the details of their infringements and offering them the opportunity to settle the case before proceedings are issued".

BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor said: "Once again the Court has accepted that BPI has evidence that filesharers in the UK are infringing copyright and has ruled that the identities of these 31 individuals should be disclosed, so that the BPI can take legal action. Today’s result is a blow for illegal uploaders who believe that the law simply does not apply to them."

More @ The Register.

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