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Yorkshire To Deliver 100% Broadband
By: MarkJ - 15 March, 2005 (9:29 AM)

By the end of 2005 Yorkshire and the Humber will be able to boast broadband services accessible to all communities across the region. This makes it part of a small, yet growing, club of areas with all exchanges enabled for ADSL:

Working with BT and Adit, the regional procurement agency, Yorkshire Forward has provided 2.2 million of investment that will lead to broadband being made available in the 24 exchanges that BT had previously announced were not commercially viable.

4000 householders and 800 businesses in these areas will soon be able to access the same high-speed broadband services as the rest of the region, and have the option of future services as they are introduced.

Yorkshire Forward has also liaised closely with the community groups that have already established networks in these locations, using alternative technologies, to ensure that they can work with service providers to offer their customers access to improved services.

Jim Farmery, Head of Technology Infrastructure at Yorkshire Forward, said: "This investment means that almost every village and town in Yorkshire and the Humber has access to a minimum of ADSL broadband services and are well placed for future technology when it becomes available. The previous lack of established broadband services in rural areas need not be a barrier to businesses setting up and companies expanding. At the same time we are supporting the community groups that have worked hard to establish services in these areas and are going to make sure that they are provided with wholesale access if they wish to expand their existing offering."

Presently the area has an already impressive coverage of 96%, although it's great to see that final 4% being made up to full coverage.

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