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E7even Update: 186K Issue Statement

Posted: 03rd Jul, 2006 By: MarkJ
Business ISP 186K has issued a statement regarding their role in the E7even situation. The provider has also updated its FAQs’ with some further information, yet not a whisper has been heard from E7 itself:


In a last minute rescue bid, 186k the fast growing Business ISP is to save over 12,000 broadband users, due to the struggles of their troubled service provider, E7even UK Limited.

The rescue, co-managed by Tiscali Wholesale, will mean that customers will not suffer any disruption in their services.

Commenting on the rescue, Dominic Marrocco, of 186k, said "We are providing a seamless channel for E7's customers, allowing them to continue unaffected with their broadband, while taking the opportunity to offer the additional benefits of an LLU connection and Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection that come as standard with 186k's service."

Tiscali Wholesale, believes this move by 186k will provide stable continuity for the user's service.


Those affected should also be aware that Ezeedsl's products do not all mirror E7's, with some readers reporting heavy caps. Frustratingly Ezeedsl’s site completely fails to outline the details of each package.

ISPreview's advice is to bite the bullet and leave the service, it may mean having to wait up to two weeks for the line to be released, but at least you'll have a choice afterwards.

Meanwhile the Ezeedsl FAQ's page has also seen a few additions (http://www.ezeedsl.co.uk/faqs.shtml - bottom of the page), with the interesting bits being highlighted below:

2. E7even UK Limited has been struggling for some time. Their suppliers have chosen 186K as best place to help protect the users and their service.

5. 186k has not acquired the share capital of E7even UK Limited. E7even UK Limited still exists as a limited company, therefore historic service and commercial issues remain with E7even UK Limited and need to be addressed individually directly with them.

6. If E7even UK Limited's sevice providers and 186k had not stepped up to this challenge ALL users would have lost ALL services.

7. Internet services for E7even UK Limited were provided through two different service providers; Tiscali Wholesale and Net Services. Tiscali users have been walled gardened on 1st July. Net Services users will be walled gardened by the 5th July.


We will attempt to keep readers updated as the situation progresses.
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