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Next-Gen Wi-Fi Delayed (again..)
By: MarkJ - 15 August, 2006 (12:53 PM)

The 802.11n next generation Wi-Fi technology is now not due to be ratified until sometime in 2008, further delaying its introduction. It had originally been due for completion by the end of this year:

In January, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) approved a draft version of the standard called 802.11n, after much controversy and infighting among chipmakers. A second draft was due for the standard by late autumn of this year, but now a new draft probably won't be ready until January 2007. This could push back the final ratification of the standard until 2008.

The delay in adopting a standard has been caused by the nearly 12,000 changes to the draft that have been submitted to the standards group.

"The current draft has generated a lot of comments," said Rolf De Vegt, senior director of business development for Airgo Networks and a member of the IEEE 802.11n working group. "I think this proves that draft 1.0 wasn't really mature. And now it just takes time to deal with all the comments. The working group should be able to vote on the new draft with changes in early 2007."

Typically several manufacturers have already released preliminary 802.11n hardware to the market, a move that was unwise even before this latest news.

It's unlikely that all of these products could be updated to the final standard, meaning a headache for owners and producers alike. More @ ZDNet.

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