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Lords Investigate Internet Security
By: MarkJ - 04 August, 2006 (1:14 PM)

The governments 'House of Lords' is to conduct an in-depth investigation into personal Internet security, focusing on the threats to surfers and possible solutions. Hopefully they'll finally work out that anti-SPAM laws don't work:

Areas the Committee will consider include:

- What is the nature of the security threat to private individuals and what is the scale of the problem?

- How well do the public understand the nature of the threat they face?

- What can be done to provide greater personal internet security? How much does this depend on software and hardware manufacturers?

- Is the regulatory framework for internet services adequate?

- How well equipped is Government to combat cyber crime? Is the legislative framework in UK criminal law adequate to meet this growing challenge?

Lord Broers, chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, said: We are doing more and more online, from our weekly grocery shop to banking to downloading music and video and, increasingly, using the internet to make telephone calls. Those who haven't yet done so are being encouraged to get online - but how many of us know about the risks?"

Web-User reports that the deadline for the submission of written evidence is 23rd October 2006.

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