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Broadband Router Users - Change The Password!
By: MarkJ - 22 February, 2007 (9:16 AM)

Many of you will no doubt be connecting to the Internet through some form of broadband router/modem hardware, which is a device that allows your connection to be shared between other computers. They can also afford greater security thanks to built-in hardware firewalls and port management etc.

Unfortunately a new virus is on the loose that preys upon vulnerable routers, typically those where the owner has failed to change the password from its default. Defaults are often things like this:

Login: admin
Password: admin

Login: admin
Password: 12345

So, unless you want the risk of your 'router' being hijack by hackers, make sure it's changed to something different. Typically if the virus (Trojan) has managed to get this far then it won't be just your router that needs fixing; make sure the anti-virus and operating system are both up to date too.

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