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Biscit Finally Comments On Paterson Departure
By: MarkJ - 23 February, 2007 (9:55 AM)

Troubled UK ISP Biscit (V21) has finally issued comment on the departure of its executive director Hugh Paterson, albeit two weeks later then expected (original news):

"Biscit today advises that Hugh Paterson has resigned as an executive director of Biscit and its internet businesses and has accepted a new mandate from the new shareholders to develop Biscit's forward roadmap."

A spokesperson for Biscit said: "Hugh is a skilled business leader and marketeer. During his tenure Biscit has grown significantly and his many broadband initiatives have been recognised as among the most innovative on today's market."

Paterson told the Reg: "I've resigned so I can concentrate on future developments. But the rest of this is overblown. The bounced cheques were just an administrative error - we closed an account but everyone has now been refunded. There are no financial problems and our rent is up to date. We have a good core of staff although there were some redundancies earlier in the year."

Unfortunately Paterson's overseeing of the disastrous V21 acquisition, which resulted in several months of service and support problems, is what many customers will remember him for. The Register's piece doesn't go into any further detail.

This weeks ISP complaints included a further four from Biscit/V21 customers, highlighting continued support and billing problems. Sample quotes from three out of the four complaints can be seen below (surnames removed to protect privacy):

I have made 21 telephone calls, sent 3 letters & 19 faxes, since 16th December 2006, trying to get my MAC code! I have not had one reply!!

By Gary.

I have tried for three months to get an overpayment from V21/Biscit. I write email/phone and no one replies.

Now I cannot even get to speak to anyone. They also have sent me a demand for a new direct debit, which I cannot do even if I wanted to as the url address they gave me just doesn't work. At the point of giving up and cancelling everything.

By Martyn.

I've phoned them several times & the "call logger" says they will phone back; they didn't!
I've phoned them & waited 1 Hr to get to first in line & they cut me off!
They changed the set-up codes & didn't tell me!
Accounting mistakes galore!
Do I need to go on?(!)

By Dominic.

Itís worth noting that other readers have reported success receiving a MAC (ADSL migration code) when e-mailing provisioning@biscit.net.

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