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Orange 8Mbps Upgrades Causing Problems
By: MarkJ - 04 May, 2007 (9:13 AM)

ISPreview has recently been seeing a steady stream of complaints from Orange broadband customers, the bulk of which emanate from users that have recently "upgraded" to the ISP's 8Mbps product.

Typically some of these could be down to ADSL MAX's (8Mbps) 10 day training period, which can destabilise the connection following an upgrade. It's not uncommon for connection and speed problems to occur during this time.

Unfortunately the bulk of complaints appear to have surfaced from users outside of that 10 day period, highlighting dialup like (slow) speeds, poor customer support and or connection problems. For example:

I have had continual problems with connection to the internet since Oct 2006. They seem to resolve the problem, connection works for a few days, then goes off again. Its frustrating having to telephone them all the time, never mind the cost of the calls.

I will consider changing ISP.

Mrs P ******

Some of those affected have also recently found their line shifted to LLU (unbundled), a move that has caused Orange headaches in the past. Related customers found themselves stuck in broadband limbo without a connection, something the ISP failed to recognise in a timely manor.

Presently the mix of issues makes it difficult to pin down any common denominator between the complaints, except for poor support. Typically we’d ask that anybody having problems submit a complaint to us, but please only do so if you’re outside of the 8Mbps ‘training period’, otherwise it could confuse the issue:


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