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Unbundled (LLU / Non-BT) UK Lines Exceed 1.5m
By: MarkJ - 03 February, 2007 (9:20 AM)

The Telecommunications adjudicator (OTA), Peter Black, has released his latest monthly (January'07) report on the status of UK local loop unbundling (LLU) - HERE. Some 1,500,000 lines have now been unhooked from BT, adding roughly 200,000 since December'06.

Interestingly it's now 12 months since we first began tracking LLU statistics, which stood at a meagre 250,000 during January last year. Meanwhile the statistical history is as follows, with recent growth being very strong:

Jan'06 = 250,000
Feb'06 = 300,000 (+50k)
Mar'06 = 360,000 (+60k)
Apr'06 = 420,000 (+60k)
May'06 = 471,000 (+51k)
Jun'06 = 580,000 (+109k)
Jul'06 = 673,000 (+93k)
Aug'06 = 735,000 (+62k)
Sep'06 = 850,000 (+115k)
Oct'06 = 1,000,000 Estimated (+150k)
Nov'06 = 1,100,000 (+100k)
Dec'06 = 1,300,000 (+200k)
Jan'07 = 1,500,000 (+200k)

Typically migrations on to and off of an unbundled platform continue to suffer problems. This is of particular concern given Ofcom's new rules, which are now less than two weeks away. Thankfully the OTA is aware:

Migrations; I reported last month that problems for customers continue to be reported particularly where the losing CP is using LLU. OTA in conjunction with Ofcom and Openreach have set up and are coordinating a cross-industry plan involving LLU operators, IPStream Resellers and BT Wholesale to allow inter-product migrations to take place seamlessly. During February, OTA supported by Ofcom will be establishing a formal ‘Cross-Industry Migrations Programme’ which will ‘own’ the ongoing development of the plan and its timely execution.

The key industry milestones towards seamless migrations have been identified as:-

* Establishment of fit for purpose migration processes & CP adoption of them

* EMP performance is stable & ALL CPs have transitioned to it

* All CPs providing consistent & accurate advice to End-users seeking to migrate

The new programme governance structure will be firmly established by end Feb’07

Sounds good, although anybody using the now infamous "fit for purpose" phrase should probably be given a good kicking =).

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