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Vispa Launch Voice Line & Broadband Bundle
By: MarkJ - 03 February, 2007 (9:50 AM)

ISP Vispa Internet has introduced a new telephone line and broadband ADSL bundle - 'Home Complete'. Some voice call discounts are also included, details follow:

Vispa Home Complete allows you to combine all your home communications services onto one monthly bill thus allowing you to keep track of your expenses, reduce your utility bills & save money while enjoying the same excellent, high standard of service that Vispa has to offer compared to rival companies.

Why combine your services?

- One monthly bill & easy to manage
- Make great savings
- Fantastic tariff’s which include UK free calls.
- Low international & mobile rates.
- save on average between 30% to 70% against BT calls
- Freephone Vispa Support
- Online call manager & itemised billing
- Keep your landline number
- Easy & seamless to transfer, Vispa do all the work.

Why Vispa?

Vispa takes pride in its customer service. With UK based, fully qualified staff there is no need for you to be passed from department to department. All our staff are willing to deal with your enquiry “there and then”. As a customer of Vispa, you will no doubt become familure with our team and soon be on first name terms!

Our core business is Broadband, We are proud of our excellent service & unrivaled network. Why risk poor service with a company who’s specialty isn’t Broadband?

How do Vispa transfer my phone line?

Easy, once you are happy to move, we will submit a request to BT to change supplier. BT will then raise a final bill and provide us with a transfer date. This process usually takes no more than 10 days to complete and is completely seamless. Your existing Vispa broadband will not be affected.

I’m an existing Vispa Broadband customer, how do I upgrade?

Easy, select the Home Complete package which best suits your requirements and either pop an email to sales@vispa.net or call 08701 624 888.

Vispa offers a number of different package options, starting at £29.99 per month for an 'up to' 2Mbps option. Prices for the 'up to' 8Mbps variants begin at £39.99 per month, all with variances in the free calls discount quota.

Overall the packages all include a 10GB monthly download cap and anti-virus/spam filtering. There is also a free static IP and one-off £20 connection charge. Typically the prices include monthly line rental.

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