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C&W Threatens To Kick Bulldog Customers
By: MarkJ - 02 July, 2007 (9:01 AM)

Cable & Wireless (C&W) has issued letters to some of Bulldog's broadband customers threatening to kick them from the service. The move has caused some confusion because most of Bulldog's customers were sold onto Pipex last year:

It wouldn't tell us how many of these festering boils it would be lancing either, confining its response to a cryptic "not many". The cleansing marks the completion of C&W's pullout from consumer provision, which it announced last year as part of its company-wide cutback and restructuring plan.

The statement C&W sent us suggests Pipex is best off without some of them anyway, since they don't pay. It said: "As you would expect, like any business, if customers don’t pay for services, we don't provide them.

In line with normal business procedure, we're in the process of terminating the service of a number of residential broadband customers who have either not paid the balance on their account within our thirty-day payment terms. Unless we receive payment of the arrears, we’ll proceed to disconnect customers’ services accordingly.

It's unclear quite why some customers were not transferred to the new owner, yet the majority remain within Pipex's control and are under no threat from the action. More @ The Register.

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