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ISP Offers Guaranteed Totally Unlimited Bandwidth
By: MarkJ - 24 July, 2007 (1:41 PM)

UK ISP All Fast Access has informed us that they've just introduced a new broadband package - 'Platinum Extreme'.

Costing £26.99 per month and offering speeds of up to 8Mbps, the service has promised to totally guarantee its "unlimited bandwidth" status. Customers will also get a free upgrade to future 24Mbps (ADSL2+) services once they become available:

All Fast Access Platinum Extreme package places all heavy users on the same central pipe allowing the users to use as much bandwidth as they wish.

All Fast Access is offering totally unlimited broadband for £26.99 per a month without any restrictions what so ever and if they fail to meet this they will offer a full three months refund including £1 migration fee. All customers migrating from another ISP will be required to pay £1 but are placed on only a three month contract and customers can opt out of contracts any time should they decide that the service they receive is unsatisfactory.

Our main aim is to go one step further, by not just cutting contract lengths on migration but to offer a truly unlimited service. By allowing our customers to come out of contracts at any time and by offering a money back guarantee should we fail to give unlimited usage, this is less risky for customers who are wary about this innovative way of providing broadband. We are always striving to offer the best possible service that we can and are open to any feedback.

Though it may sound too good to be true, technically speaking they're not saying anything that other providers havenít already tried, except for the guarantee side.

Typically this could be a risk for the ISP because while they may "totally guarantee" bandwidth, that doesn't mean to say that the service won't suffer from natural congestion resulting in slower speeds. Never the less itís bound to be a risk that many are willing to take.

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