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Nortel Demo's Market-Ready Mobile WiMAX
By: MarkJ - 31 July, 2007 (9:14 AM)

Nortel and Urban Wimax have teamed up to demonstrate their "Market-Ready" Mobile WiMAX broadband wireless technology, which some envisage as being the next big thing in mobile technology after 3G has had its day.

The move comes deliberately ahead of the UK's spectrum auction in early 2008, which both firms hope to capitalise on. Plans to trial a user-ready service are already afoot:

4G WiMAX has a greater range than WiFi, and is capable of providing higher bandwidth at less than half the cost of existing wireless services. For service providers this translates into the ability to meet increasing consumer demand for broadband on the go. WiMAX provides reliable, secure and high quality broadband for mobile internet users, supporting the increasingly bandwidth-heavy applications and User Generated Content (UGC) services that consumers want on the move as well as on the desktop. Wireless broadband also boosts the capability and efficiency of mobile workers increasing the competitive edge of businesses by enabling users to access enterprise services on their mobile devices.

Gerry Collins, director, wireless EMEA at Nortel, said: "Creating a true wireless broadband experience on the move is essential to making Hyperconnectivity a reality in the UK. This leap forward in mobile connectivity supports a new generation of rich multimedia applications and social media services; and supports business users on the move with fast download and upload speeds for mobile working. Nortel's investment in WiMAX and our role in this collaboration reinforces our commitment to driving the deployment of advanced broadband services across the country."

Sasha Williamson, CEO of Urban Wimax, said: "The potential for 4G using WiMAX connectivity is enormous. If the UK is to remain competitive in the digital economy it must improve broadband connectivity, both in terms of penetration and bandwidth. 4G WiMAX is the most economical way of achieving this and, with the 2.5/2.69GHz spectrum becoming available next year, the collaboration will be in prime position to deliver a premier wireless broadband service to business and consumer users in the UK. We are pleased to see support from major players in the industry, and look forward to enhancing and trialing the supply chain ahead of the auction in 2008."

Typically existing mobile phone operators, which wouldn't like to see the billions they spent (wasted?) on 3G technology be for nothing, may feel somewhat apprehensive towards mobile WiMax.

Sadly we've heard this all before and mobile WiMAX has come to the market rather later in the game than planned. Not to mention that Nortel and Urban Wimax will have to prove they can take on both fixed-line ISP's and mobile operators to succeed, which isn't going to be easy. More @ 3G.co.uk .

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