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World Record: Furthest Wi-Fi Coverage @ 304km!
By: MarkJ - 24 August, 2007 (9:09 AM)

Ubiquiti Networks and the Italian Center for Radio Activities (CISAR) have succeeding in delivering a record breaking 5GHz Wi-Fi link over some 304km!:

The link extended from Sardinia to central Italy and achieved data rates of about 5Mbps. The first alignment was made using a beacon through a semi-directional 17dBi antenna on Sardinia and one of two 35dBi antennas on the Monte Amiata, which is about 1,740m above sea level.

The connection used Ubiquiti's XtremeRange5 high-power carrier class mini-PCI radio modules and 35dBi 5GHz parabolic dish antennas. "The link spans far over the sea and is impossible to realise without a high sensitivity card," a statement from CISAR said.

Hopefully it was a secured link :) . More @ VNUNet.

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