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Three (3) To Launch 10 Mobile Broadband Service!
By: MarkJ - 21 August, 2007 (8:54 AM)

Mobile Broadband continues to get cheaper as reports claim that the 3G mobile phone operator 'Three' could be about to launch a series of new packages starting at just 10 per month for a 1GB usage allowance.

Please take note that the following price information is not final and may very well change prior to introduction. It is not yet clear precisely when the new tariffs will be introduced but at this level they could trigger a revolution:

At 10 a month, the basic Mobile Broadband package ("Light") gets you 1GB of data, while 15 gets you 3GB, and 25 up to 7GB. Data usage outside these buckets is charged at 10p/MB. 3 will throw in a free USB modem to existing customers, or 29 if you sign up for eighteen months.

By comparison, T-Mobile's Web'n'walk Plus deal, which today offers the best value, permits 3GB for 24.68 (inc. VAT) and 10GB for 37.45 - which means that the "Plus" and "Max" offerings from 3 work out at a lower minimum price per MB. Vodafone offers 3GB for 25 per month, and a curious deal where you get 8.50 for 500MB in a 24-hour period.

It leaves the other two UK operators competing for the dunce's cap. O2 and Orange both offer 1GB for 45 a month. We're excluding plans with a cap in the megabytes, such as Orange's 160MB for 20 a month.

The price point of 25 per month for a 7GB data usage allowance is exceptionally good and brings flexible mobile broadband usage into the consumer domain. That's quite an improvement considering their current data card pricing, which charges 45 inc. VAT for a 1GB allowance and free card.

Perhaps the biggest draw will be that consumers aren't restricted to accessing data purely from their phones, with Three being more than happy for them to surf via a laptop; sign us up. More @ The Register.

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