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UK ISP Namesco Revamps Broadband Packages
By: MarkJ - 31 August, 2007 (1:25 PM)

UK ISP Namesco, which was recently acquired by the Dada Group, has revamped its broadband (ADSL) services to give customers more choice over how their package is constructed.

Selection prices now initially vary based on speed, contention ratio and setup fee. Each option starts off with 1GB of monthly data allowance included as standard, which is followed by a choice of additional usage options:

10GB = +5 (monthly)
25GB = +7.50
50GB = +10
100GB = +20

Prices start at 10.95 inc. VAT per month for the basic "Bronze" package, which is based off a 50:1 contention, 512Kbps downstream speeds, 1GB starting allowance and 32.25 setup fee. Typically adding an extra 10GB of usage (11GB total) would increase the cost to 15.95 per month.

The most popular "Gold" package starts from 14.95 inc. VAT per month for a 50:1 contended, 'up to' 8Mbps service with FREE setup and 1GB cap. It's worth pointing out that two 20:1 contended options are also available at additional cost.

E-mail anti-virus / spam filters are standard with all packages, as is the inclusion of a monthly (30 days) contract, free router and migration. We like the flexibility of these options and about the only thing Namesco now appear to miss is a bundled line rental and calls package, which would be ideal *HINT* :) .

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