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Short Range Super Speed (15Gbps) Wireless
By: MarkJ - 20 July, 2007 (1:27 PM)

Researchers at the Georgia Electronic Design Centre (GEDC) have developed a new type of short-range wireless network (802.15.3C) capable of speeds up to 15Gbps (possibly more in the future)!

Unfortunately the receiving device would need to be within one metre of a transmitter to get 15Gbps, with two metres offering 10Gbps and five metres allowing for.. you guessed it.. 5Gbps.

Typically the short-range nature of such technology makes it a potentially ideal Bluetooth replacement, though the 60GHz operating band prevents it from going through solids, such as human skin.

Interestingly GEDC believes it could have such a technology ready to roll within three years, although this would appear to be highly optimistic given the IEEE's potency for delays.

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