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Epitiro’s Q2-2007 Top Five ADSL Broadband ISPs
By: MarkJ - 16 July, 2007 (1:44 PM)

Epitiro has today released its latest quarterly (Q2-2007) Internet Performance Indicator (IPI) report, which measures technical broadband ADSL performance from the ten largest UK ISP's.

The big news is Tiscali's inclusion, which marks the first time it's managed to enter the top 5 since Epitiro began reporting. Meanwhile BT was named as the best performing broadband provider for the fifth consecutive quarter:

Epitiro’s customer experience monitoring and competitor benchmarking service ISP-I (pronounced “eye spy”), monitored the services from the ten largest competing consumer ADSL broadband providers, collecting 722,623 real-time data samples from nine locations around the UK. This means that from 1st April to 30th June 2007, each broadband service was tested 80,291 times on average.

ISP-I tests Internet services from the end-users’ perspective, providing detailed figures on the speed and reliability of Internet connections, how long it takes to connect to the Internet, downloads and uploads and the performance of both ping and DNS lookups

Overall Ranking
Q1 2007
1. BT
2. Demon
3. AOL
4. Pipex
5. TalkTalk

Q2 2007
1. BT
2. Demon
3. Tiscali
4. Pipex
5. Plusnet

Interestingly PlusNet has also made a comeback after having been absent since Q3 2006 last year. Both TalkTalk and AOL UK, which are owned by the Carphone Warehouse, have been pushed out.

Sadly Epitiro’s report, while interesting, doesn't monitor all UK ISP's and as a result its findings are of limited use. Never the less it is interesting to see how the big boys perform, at least in respect to their networks. We hope that Tiscali's inclusion marks the beginning of a wider improvement.

It’s understood that the next report will include broadband cable and ADSL2+ offering ISP’s - http://www.epitiro.co.uk/press/ADSL-REP-Q2-2007.jsp .

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