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Datanet Comments On Poor ISP Customer Service
By: MarkJ - 10 July, 2007 (1:15 PM)

Business ISP Datanet has expressed concern at the lack of focus on customer service by rival providers, which has been highlighted in several recent surveys. One of their primary fears appears to be that the widening problems will reflect badly on all ISP’s, even those that do well:

In response to recent articles published in industry press about poor levels of customer service provided by ISPs, Datanet, winner of Best Business Broadband 2007 and Best National Business ISP 2005 at the ISPA Awards, expresses concern that consumer ISPs do not seem to be improving their customer service, tarring business providers with the same brush.

The recent report by Uswitch and YouGov revealed that a quarter of customers are disappointed with the level of customer service they receive from their ISP. Little feedback from providers has been seen in press and this highlights the question of whether ISPs care that the general consensus from upset Internet users is one of disappointment and frustration when it comes to support.

Datanet founder and MD Conleth McCallan commented “It will be interesting to see whether there are mass migrations when these free contracts expire as customers refuse to put up with such poor service. Every business knows that if they do not respect their customers and treat them badly, the customer will not hesitate to go elsewhere. However, this important fact does not seem high on the priority list for some large ISPs and the danger is consumers and businesses alike will come to view all broadband providers in the same poor light.

Unfortunately, despite the introduction of Ofcom’s new migration code rules earlier in the year and a related rise in consumers switching providers, many people still make their choice based on price over quality.

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