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Site News - New ISPreview Survey/Poll
By: MarkJ - 10 August, 2007 (1:45 PM)

We've just uploaded a new monthly poll to the front page, which asks: "How many computers share your HOME Internet connection?". Results from the previous monthís survey can be found below:

Over the past 2 years, how many times have you swapped broadband ISP?

Never - 41.5%
Once - 29.7%
Twice - 12.4%
Over three times! - 7.2%
Three times - 4.8%
I donít have broadband - 4%

Total Votes = 1044

Interestingly nearly 42% of people questioned had chosen to stick with their existing provider, yet a growing number are voting with their feet (30%) and opted to switch at least once during the past 2 years. Most strikingly of all though is that 7% felt the need to change ISP more than three times during the period!

Consumer satisfaction with providers has been falling over the past 12 months and Ofcomís new migration rules have made it easier to change provider, fuelling a desire to find better ISPís.

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