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Tiscali ISP Complaints Rocket
By: MarkJ - 04 March, 2005 (10:15 AM)

ISP Review has been receiving a surge in complaints about Tiscali for the past few weeks. Typically most of the issues relate to poor customer support and billing errors, aspects that, despite many attempts, Tiscali has failed to improve upon.

During 2004 Tiscali managed to stay out of our complaints page for, at most, a handful of weeks. Here are some cuts from the latest spate of problems:

Tiscali's customer service is APPALLING!!! I initially tried to contact them through "broadbandsupport" on their homepage on 8/2/05 and 9/2/05 but received no response until a week later. I registered a complaint using "complaints@tiscali.co.uk" on 10/2/05 to which i received an automated promising a full response within 10 days (compared to 7 days in their code of practice). To date I have not received any response to my original complaint and have today logged another to the complaints address which did not even get an autmated response. I refuse to use their 0870 contact number as previous experience suggests that I will be kept on hold for ages and then be given an incompetent response.
E-mail by - Michael


Tiscali customer care is so bad I just cancelled my service today.
E-mail by - Lee


My broadband has been down for 6 days now after some migration upgrade work. 'Technical support' (ha ha) in new delhi and bangalore seem unable to resolve the problem and are completely inept.
E-mail by - Richard


We've also noted a number of complaints regarding the ISP's recently introduced "Fair Use" policy. Many have been angered because they never received any notice of the change.

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