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UKFast's Broadband Uptake Boom
By: MarkJ - 04 March, 2005 (12:49 PM)

UKFast, which recently won Best Hosting Provider at the ISPA Awards, has reported seeing ADSL connections for the period Jan 1st to Feb 28th increase by over 350% compared to the same period last year:

UKFast commissioned research from Harper James at the end of last year into business users and their Broadband. Results show that it s an Internet provision companies are willing to shop around for. While many feel that moving from one ISP to another wont be an easy task, if a better product is available most users will take steps to improve their service.

Early figures back this up. Both migrations and new provisions have risen in tandem on paper. Frewer explains; But we must take into account customers who join our network having already cancelled a provision with another ISP. Many of our resellers have been unable to migrate customers from other ISPs as they do not use the favoured Mac Key method, and this makes life more complicated all round.

One of the secrets to the boom is what Frewer calls "the Rise of the Reseller." Our package for resellers has become so competitive that the majority of our new connections are coming through our clients. Were building stronger relations with them every day. And with a recent survey by PC Pro Magazine suggesting that almost 3 times as many people are trying to leave BT than join them, the market is flooded with customers looking for the right deal. So there are more than enough for us all!

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