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BT Details 2Mbps > 8Mbps ADSL Trials
By: MarkJ - 03 March, 2005 (1:47 PM)

BT has announced initial trials to test the capability of lines operating at between 2Mbps and 8Mbps. 2,000 businesses and consumers will be involved through selected exchanges in Strathclyde (Scotland) and Greater London from next month. There's also word on ADSL2+ trials:

BT Wholesale will be working with broadband service providers to identify the individual lines selected for the first phase of the trial. This selection will be based on specific technical criteria, as wider network and system developments being implemented over the next six months are required before new higher speed services can be launched across the country.

BT Wholesale products director Bruce Stanford said: “Trials in different geographies are essential to ensure we fully understand how higher speed broadband service might be best deployed in the autumn. The early trials, with lines selected in conjunction with our service provider customers, are key to monitoring performance at maximum speeds on individual lines and seeing how the network management tools we are deploying can help deliver the best speeds possible.

“The trials will help shape future products which deliver additional flexibility and control to service providers so they can shape consumer and business offerings with higher speed and increased functionality to meet the needs of their top end customers. The ADSL “max” services will mean people will be able to run more bandwidth hungry applications, including video, gaming and music downloads at the same time as well as email and surfing the web.

The lines to be involved in this phase of the trials will be identified by BT Wholesale and end users will be contacted by their broadband service provider. They will include lines on both BT IPstream and BT Datastream wholesale services.

When further systems developments and network upgrades have been completed, BT Wholesale plans to widen the geographic scope and types of lines involved in the trial with a view to launching higher speed wholesale broadband services across the UK in the autumn.

From April 1, and in parallel to the trials in Scotland and Greater London, BT Wholesale will be beginning trials of ADSL2+ technology (initially speeds of up to 18Mbps) as an internal trial with BT employee lines in selected locations. Those lucky bi****s ;).

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