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Tiscali's New Year Promotions
By: MarkJ - 06 January, 2005 (12:55 PM)

ISP Tiscali has launched its latest series of nationwide adverts alongside several broadband (ADSL) and dialup promotions. Free upgrades to faster services, new ADSL packages and a dialup booster have been highlighted:

Using "Tiscali Accelerator", the software boosts dial-up connections by "cleverly compressing web pages as you surf, enabling you to browse the web at least three times faster than normal".

Tiscali UK - which has 1.7m internet customers including more than 350,000 broadband subscribers - is also launching a capped 1Mb service (2Gb limit) for 15.99 a month. Its uncapped 1Mb service costs 24.99 a month.

Much as we always say, any dialup "Accelerator" will NOT boost the physical speed of your connection, but it will stream uncompress content (web pages, e-mail) much faster.

Pre-compressed (.zip, .mp3 etc.) files will download at more or less the same speed as before. More @ The Register.

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