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ISP Review Website Problems
By: MarkJ - 11 January, 2005 (2:37 PM)

Sorry for the slow speeds and various instability issues of ISP Review over the past week. This has been caused by growing visitor numbers and the impact of an Internet worm that attacks other MySQL based PHP forums (not ours).

However, the problem with virtual hosts is that the load being caused to other sites using PHPBB is impacting everybody. Even patched PHPBB using sites still suffer the load of the virus ATTEMPTING to infect, albeit unsuccessful.

Even after search engines took action to stop it, many such vulnerable sites are still seeing load 50% above normal and this indirectly causes problems for us too.

In the meantime we're looking at ways of spreading the database stress out on our site and cutting down overall connections to it. Sadly this takes time and is a very complex job.

Things should improve, but it will take a few days yet to get right and more time on top for the overall load to balance itself.

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