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Lixxus Launch £0! PAYG 2Mbps ADSL

Posted: 11th Feb, 2005 By: MarkJ
Lixxus has today introduced a 2Mbps pay-as-you-go (PAYG) broadband ADSL service with a difference. By this they mean that the service price starts at £0 per month; obviously you’d still have to pay for actually using it:

Joe Kelly, Managing Director of Lixxus was fast to point out that “For once, having a faster 2Meg connection doesn’t mean getting fined for racing down the superhighway. Research shows that the speed of the broadband service on PAYGo has virtually no bearing on the amount you download, and therefore little bearing on your bill. It just gets you there faster.

This is in line with BT’s announcement today that all customers will soon benefit from increased line speeds. The size of the broadband pipe adds marginal costs to the Service Provider and in line with company policy, Lixxus is passing on that saving to the consumer. If you’re a dial customer who wants a faster service or an occasional internet user then this is the ideal opportunity to join the broadband revolution, without having to pay £25 a month.

Lixxus launched their unique product on the UK market last year to fantastic public response. Lixxus remain the only provider of true PAY As You Go broadband. Mr Kelly continued, “Our analysis of bandwidth use shows that most people, over a given period, use less throughput than they might at first think even taking into account weekends, holidays and leisure time. We offer 1 month contracts so people can suck it and see, if it’s not for them they are free to migrate or cease whenever they want”.

The Lixxus service has exceeded expectation since it’s launch last year. Thousands have signed up to the service, often coming to the fold after personal recommendation.

Unlike time-online services, Lixxus PAYGo charges on throughput of information with no monthly subscription charges, that means you don’t get charged if you forget to turn your connection off.

What are the benefits?

• Pure usage based charging – you only pay for how much you use, not for how long you’re online

• No commitment – one month minimum contract instead of 12

• Cheaper monthly bills and the customer has control

• Choice of up to 512K or 1meg or 2meg services at the same low price.

• Unlike many providers who are kicking off “bandwidth hogs” to protect the majority of their customers surfing experience, Lixxus customers use less bandwidth and therefore enjoy fast connections and reliability and will continue to do so.

Lixxus was formed with two fundamental aims – to provide exemplary customer service and to offer a cost effective alternative to other broadband suppliers. Lixxus - A Faster Future.


In reality anybody that uses the service will be paying for it. Some example charges (monthly) for data consumption are as follows:

20MB - £1.01
60MB - £3.01
1.01GB - £16.70
6.01GB - £25.01
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