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BT Forgets To Bill Hundreds For ADSL
By: MarkJ - 29 January, 2005 (9:45 AM)

UK-Bug reports that BT has forgotten to bill up to 700 of its business broadband ADSL "customers", a blunder that has been going on for half a year could cost the provider thousands of pounds:

Interestingly (or worryingly - depending on your view) BT are not sure if the customers its going to be contacting actually have broadband at all. "Customers appear to be using a Business Broadband Connection even though on our records they do not appear to be being billed" goes the memo.

We've long since known about users that, even going back as far as 2001, have somehow managed to use ADSL through BT without being billed.

However such things should never be considered "free" because, as this latest example shows, BT will still be looking to recover the costs from related users.

Expect big bills for a few during mid-February.

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