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P2P File Sharing Turning Legitimate
By: MarkJ - 21 January, 2005 (9:30 AM)

Peer-2-Peer (Person-2-Person) file sharing systems have got somewhat of a bad rap over the past two years, yet now many commercial companies are developing the technology for more legitimate uses:

But they have slowly realised that P2P is a good way to distribute content, said Travis Kalanick, founder and chairman of P2P network Red Swoosh, and soon they are all going to want a slice of it.

They are just waiting to come up with "business models" that work for them, which includes digital rights management and copy-protection standards.

Remembering the furore around VCRs when they first came out, Mr Weiss said: "Old media always tries to stop new media. When they can't stop it, they try to control it. Then they figure out how to make money and they always make a lot of money."

This could present a problem for the many ISP's that have chosen to block P2P traffic, although it remains to be seen if the predicted 'legitimate' (aka - commercialised) P2P boom occurs. More @ BBC News Online.

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