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Gio Continues To Leave Its Mark
By: MarkJ - 20 January, 2005 (9:28 AM)

Unsurprisingly the impact of Gio Internet's many problems has touched not only the providerís customers, but other ISP's and services, even when not directly associated.

Mention Hauka, NetServices or anything Gio related and anybody with knowledge of past problems are likely to take a few steps back before running as far away as possible. Could you blame them?

The dramatic problems of last December have certainly had an impact in the mindset of consumers, to say the least. Today the latest victim is one of little known ISP Lionrampant's seniors:

Lionrampant came under a lot of unfair criticism and despite many statements that we were not associated with Gio but were associated with Hauka. This has forced Lionrampant to reconsider it's trading position despite Lionrampant having paying customers and an excellent reputation with all it's customers, some people not associated with Lionrampant took it upon themselves to slander us.

This has deeply effected the trading position of Lionrampant and cost us dearly. As a result of this, Lionrampant is concentrating it's efforts in doing what it has always been good at, namely mail systems.

Robert Gorton, who was an employee of Hauka always accepted his position as the Technical Manager for Hauka placed him in a very difficult situation in relation to Lionrampant. Robert has been deeply offended by the criticism some people decided to place at his door, as a result Robert has resigned from his position at Hauka to assist Lionrampant as it moves forward in developing a rich mail service.

Lionrampant is withdrawing from offering public internet access whilst continuing to provision business broadband as a complete package with it's mail systems. Lionrampant will now manage Hauka's excellent mail platform and provide mail support and forum support for e-mail related issues as well as developing mail user guides to help users get the most out of the awesome capabilities that it offers.

Telephone support will remain with the various ISP's to whome's mail we manage. As for the future ambitions of Lionrampant, our future business plan is not for general public release as I am sure you can appreciate.

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