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Telewest Completes Speed Boosts
By: MarkJ - 13 April, 2006 (12:51 PM)

UK cable operator and ISP Telewest has reported the successful completion of their broadband speed upgrades:

Over one million broadband customers are now breaking bandwidth barriers and leading the pack is Telewest's elite service, offering blistering downloads of up to 10Mbp/s.

Existing customers have been upgraded automatically region-by-region over the past six months and the following tiers of service are now on offer as standard to all new Telewest customers:

Previously 512Kbp/s (kilobits per second), the entry-level service is now up to 2Mbp/s, for the same price of £17.99 per month.

broadband complete
The standard 1Mb service now offers super-fast surfing of up to 4Mbp/s, still at £25 per month.

broadband elite
The current 2Mb and 4Mb options have been replaced by a flagship service offering speeds of up to 10Mbp/s, which costs only £35 per month.

All the tiers remain free of usage limitations.

Consumers can find out more about Telewest's bundle of digital TV, broadband internet and telephone services at http://www.telewest.co.uk .

We’re still trying to figure out whether to call them Telewest, ntl:Telewest, NTL, NTL Incorporated or Virgin.. oh the confusion.

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