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NTL Removes Traffic Shaping?
By: MarkJ - 04 April, 2006 (9:27 AM)

NTL has removed the 'Traffic Shaping' clause from its T&C's, stating that they appeared in error. However, error or no error, NTL has inadvertently offered up a glimpse of its future plans:

Chad Raube, Director of Internet for ntl Telewest, said: “A revised paragraph appeared in ntl’s user policy over the weekend, which has now been removed. The clause related to how we manage network traffic to ensure an optimal service for all ntl broadband customers. While we continually review ways to offer the best quality service and are currently considering updates to our user policy, the paragraph removed was work in progress that shouldn’t have appeared on the website.

I would like to apologise for any confusion this miscommunication may have caused and we will aim to keep customers informed of any significant changes to the user policy in the future,
” he went on to say.

The news appears to be a mix of both good and bad, with one half highlighting the removal and the other more or less confirming that 'Traffic Shaping' has been drafted for a future T&C. More @ Cable-Forum.

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