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PlusNet Details Revamped Broadband
By: MarkJ - 12 April, 2006 (2:30 PM)

PlusNet, like so many other ISP's, has re-jigged its packages to take advantage of BTís 8Mbps broadband ADSL speed boost. There's also word on the providers LLU based 16Mbps and 24Mbps products:

PlusNet, the low cost broadband provider, has launched its new portfolio of up to 8Mbit/s broadband services today. Smart broadband buyers look for more than just speed and price; two important factors are clear usage guidelines and sophisticated prioritisation of important traffic. PlusNet has led the market in this area and other ISPs are now emulating this.

Itís all very well talking about Ďfair usageí and gigabyte download limits, but if you canít see what youíre using itís all irrelevant. PlusNet provides a unique ĎView my broadband usageí tool which shows exactly how customers have used their line, by protocol. A free broadband service is of no use if itís overloaded, with no priority given to time-sensitive traffic. PlusNetís unique network management means VoIP calls, gaming and web-surfing are prioritised above file sharing at peak times. As an experienced broadband provider PlusNet understand the needs of Ďnet savvyí customers.

Quality customer service will become increasingly important, especially as new technologies like VoIP and wireless become commonplace. PlusNet has just been voted No. 1 for customer service by the readers of PC Advisor and has consistently won awards for the quality of its broadband experience. A high proportion of PlusNetís new customers are recommended by existing customers and the ISP enjoys one of the lowest customer churn rates in the industry.

PlusNet Broadband Plus has been upgraded to offer up to 8Mbit/s speeds for only £14.99 per month with no fixed download limits. PlusNet have included their PlusTalk pay as you go VoIP calls service... Broadband Plus is the perfect introduction to broadband ideal for surfing and email.

PlusNet Broadband Premier now comes in three options. Option 1 at £21.99 will deliver speeds of up to 8Mbit/s with no fixed download limits. The service is bundled with PlusTalk Anytime and many additional value-added services. Broadband Premier is optimised for email, surfing, online gaming, file downloads and connecting a home network.

Premier Option 2 and Option 3 will utilise the benefits provided by PlusNetís LLU partners to deliver speeds up to 16Mbit/s and 24Mbit/s where and when these higher speeds are available. Immediate benefits are peak time usage allowances of 22.5GB and 30GB respectively, compared to the 15GB peak time usage allowance on Option 1.


We understand that PlusNet has also launched an additional 'consultancy' helpline (at 50p per minute), which will deal with more technical questions.

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