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EzeeDSL (186k) Issues ‘V Two One’ Status Update
By: MarkJ - 17 November, 2006 (12:47 PM)

EzeeDSL has today attempted to put a positive spin on the recent V Two One (V21)/NetServices scandal by issuing a new service status update:

FOLLOWING the action taken by NetServices plc yesterday against troubled broadband provider Biscit CSP Limited (Biscit CSP, formerly called v21.co.uk Limited and trading as V Two One), thousands of users with business critical needs have been praising the quick actions of 186k’s ezeeDSL and NetServices in getting them online again without delay.

Thousands of users with vastly differing online requirements have been signing up with ezeeDSL to reconnect to the Internet, praising support staff for their help and assistance when information from their original provider has not been available.

Dominic Marrocco, owner of 186k, said: “We have dealt with this type of situation many times in the past and have grown in our understanding from each encounter. As a financially stable and leading broadband provider, we are fully aware of how long it can take for an individual to get disconnected and reconnected when their original service provider hits a serious problem.

“We find that – on average – Internet users can be without a service for up to 6 weeks. That’s why NetServices have brought us in to provide the only immediate connection route for users that now find themselves in a worrying state of limbo.

Users that have contacted ezeeDSL were both surprised at the demise of their provider and thankful that an immediate alternative was available.

I have an Internet retail business that would have gone under if there hadn’t been another provider immediately available. I really can’t afford to wait 6 weeks!” – Mr Hindle, business owner.

Following problems getting online yesterday I was delighted to get a fast Internet connection up and running again so quickly.” – Ms McGowan, home user.

The holding page was a shock at first, but the information on it was good, so after reading it I had no worries about connecting with ezeeDSL.” – Mr Johnson, business owner.

As more and more users move over to ezeeDSL, they are now beginning to enjoy the benefits of the Enhanced Broadband Service and financial stability.

Mark Vickers, Chief Executive of Net Services plc, the wholesale network provider, said: "We don’t take our business decisions lightly and the action we took against Biscit CSP Limited left us with one major issue to proactively address. We needed to ensure that the end users had an option to reconnect with the minimal amount of disruption possible.

It is pleasing to hear that the users have embraced that.

Well, some users may have “embraced” it, while others have not and appear less than pleased with the options offered. Unfortunately most have been given little choice but to move or face a protracted outage.

The good news is that this latest incident has caused a great deal more people to lodge complaints with Ofcom, calling for better access to migration codes (MAC). Hopefully in the not too distant future we will see customers able to move freely between providers of “their” choice.

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