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EzeeDSL Offers Ex-V21 Users One Month FREE
By: MarkJ - 18 November, 2006 (9:29 AM)

EzeeDSL is offering all disconnected V Two One (V21 / Biscit) customer’s one months free access on all contracts. The offer will also be applied retrospectively to recent ex-V21 signups:

With thousands of former Biscit users already enjoying fast and reliable Internet connection, ezeeDSL has opened up a variety of packages with highly competitive prices and – as a token of goodwill – one free month. In a transparent show of faith, ezeeDSL will retrospectively include this new offer to the thousands that have already joined.

Dominic Marrocco, owner of 186k, said: “We want to ensure that all Biscit users have total control over which service they want from ezeeDSL and have made sure that all packages are available at very competitive prices. To show goodwill towards all former biscit users, we are also offering one month free internet connection.”

The services available from ezeeDSL are:

512k Home
No Download Limits
Only £15.99 per month

1Mb Home
No Download Limits
Only £17.99 per month

2Mb Home
No Download Limits
Only £19.99 per month

8Mb Home
30Gb’s of blisteringly fast Internet downloading
Only £24.99 per month

Office solutions are also available with a 20:1 contention ratio and are priced:

512k Office - £19.99 per month
1Mb Office - £24.99 per month
2Mb Office - £29.99 per month

Marrocco added: “Users can select the service that suits their requirements best, with continued free connection on ‘8Mb Home’ and exceptionally low costs for all of our other packages. Our multi-million pound consolidation and convergence strategy puts us in a perfect position to offer all of our users the latest advancements in broadband technology as it becomes available, including LLU and – in the near future – VoiP services, to name a few.

We believe this constitutes possibly the most competitive rescue package available on the Internet today.

The ISP will also be hoping to attract those that have chosen to wait in limbo for an ISP of "their" choice as opposed to joining EzeeDSL.

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