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Fast4 Issues Service Status Update
By: MarkJ - 09 November, 2006 (9:35 AM)

UK ISP Fast4, which recently turned independent after splitting from V Two One (V21) during Biscit's acquisition, has issued a brief service status update explaining their progress:

Fast 4 continue to build on their network to finish the metamorphosis into an independent ISP without the need for VISP hosted services as it has done in the past.

Steve Kaye, CEO of Fast4 said “We are very happy with the way the move has gone and we are now completely free of any VISP platform. Our prices are amongst the best in the industry and we are vowing to keep them that way.”

Steve continued “We have updated our email and web servers as well as our internet connection to give the customer an all round better and faster internet experience”

Fast4 recently launched their new broadband package aimed at waking up the general public to the ‘FREE Broadband’ craze that has swept the country.

Steve stated “When do you get anything for free? The general public are thinking other broadband deals are fantastic without realizing that they are either signing up for a very long contract, a very capped and restricted service or a they get charged a large payment if they decide to leave. Our broadband package is simple, it’s very cheap, there is no long contracts and we do not limit the customer at all for downloading all day or all night if they wish. We do not charge a connection fee and it is only £15.95 a month!“

For further details or to take up Fast4 broadband see the website at http://www.fast4.net or call Fast4 on 0871 424 0185.

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