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V Two One (Biscit) Re-Issues MAC Request Call
By: MarkJ - 16 November, 2006 (9:17 AM)

V Two One/V21 (Biscit) has once again informed customers affected by the current NetService's (NS) dispute to demand their migration code (MAC) from NS:

Demand your MAC code!

Any V21 customer affected by NetServices unprecedented action against V21 (please see http://www.biscit.net/biscit_mediacentre/v21_legal_proceedings.php) is advised that a free dial-up service is available to them whilst they attempt to get a MAC code from Netservices.

The free dial-up number is 08456041190, username is v21local and the password is dialup.

The NetServices number for customers to call for their MAC code is 0870 753 0900

The move would appear to be futile given NetService's stance on MAC's, which is not to issue them due to understandable, if still unpleasant, contractual/legal reasons. Mind you in this case the ISP (reseller) has given ex-users permission to request their MACís from NS. However NS do still have on trick up their sleeves:

NetServices provide MAC codes only at the request of our reseller customers. Providing the reseller is operating within the terms of their agreement with NetServices, MAC codes will not be withheld.

No doubt NetServices would state that V Two One, given the current financial dispute, is not operating within the terms of their agreement. Typically this is now to be decided by a court of law (i.e. undecided); NS would thus have to be confident of success lest they risk having to pay out damages later on.

Meanwhile many have also questioned why NS chooses to push related customers onto a single choice of vISP - EzeeDSL, which a fair few have expressed unhappiness with. NS has many other vISP's, so why not offer people some sort of choice? The problems continue.

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